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Can an unemployed non custodial parent be made to pay child support?

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The court will order you to pay some child support. If you don't have a job right now, it might not be based on your current paystubs, but it will be based on your tax returns from the previous years. If you won't be paying it on time, the child support will start adding 10% as an interest on the child support. And you'll pay it off when you can. If a custodial parent opens a DA case on you, it will take them about a year to get all of the info on you, and then they will start taking your money out of your bank account or from your pay checks. The best thing for you is to get a job as soon as possible, so you can start helping your child financially and at the same time stop getting your self into more truble, since not paying your child support is very negative for your credit and future opportunities in this country.
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