Can any business today be a success without information technology and if not why?

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No, I can not think of one type of busness that can successful without information technoligy or IT. Of couse large coorpartes have to have there servers, domain controllers, and all sorts of IT equipment to fuction propperly but when u get to small buisness, construction, lawncare, even babysitters or gas stations rely on IT for example, Construction companies rely on cell phones and computer to draw maps, blue prints, and other schematics witch cell phones must connect to a server in order to fuction as a phone witch is IT, the phone server same goes for lawncare and babysitters, as for Gas stations 75% of the population uses credit cards, and check cards or just checks and in order to process the transaction it needs some kind of modem witch connects to many diffrent servers around the world in order to verify and transfer funds.
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What is the difference between Information technology and Business information Systems?

Answer . \nIt is the evolution of electronic devices that aid the access to information or data. Computers, servers, mircrochips, etc are all part of electronic devices that give things like your dell or HP computer more memory to store more software like Money, Quickbooks, Excel, etc. These pr (MORE)

What has the impact of information technology been on business management?

Information Tech has revolutionized the phase of business around the world. Local businesses have become international due to a simple website. I.T. has helped businesses in advertising. People who check their email may suddenly have a pop up at their page ends with sales up to 60% at JC Penny's! (MORE)

Impact of information technology on business?

Information Tech has revolutionized the phase of business around the world. Local businesses have become international due to a simple website. I.T. has helped businesses in advertising. People who check their email may suddenly have a pop up at their page ends with sales up to 60% at JC Penny's! (MORE)

Why do all business majors need to study information technology?

Information Technology can be an important source of competitive advantage over competitors as well as allow firms to build business models using IT infrastructure and applications as enablers to provide better customer service and be an important differentiator. A relevant example would be TESCO' (MORE)

What is difference between information technology consulting and business consulting?

IT consulting generally revolves around using one or more Information Technology systems (hardware, software applications, operating systems, peripherals, networking infrastructure, etc.) to solve business problems.. Business consulting is a more general term that involves using any kind of interve (MORE)

What are the benefits of information technology on business?

The advantages of information technology are vast. True globalization has come about only via this automated system. The creation of one interdependent system helps us to share information and end linguistic barriers across the continents. The collapse of geographic boundaries has made the world a w (MORE)

Why are information systems essential in business today?

An understanding of the effective and responsible use and management of information systems is important for managers and other business knowledge workers in today's global information society. Information systems and technologies have become a vital component of successful businesses and organizati (MORE)

Role of information technology in business management?

Data management. By using databases and data tools you can spot trends and make business decisions. Web presence. Kinda self-explanatory. Organization. ERP/SAP. IT can help you streamline operations, help you spot problems and increase information dissemination. Basically, business management is (MORE)

What types of jobs can you get with a BA degree in business information technology?

You mean a BS in Information Technology? (It's usually not very artistic ;). My BS degree in Computer Information Systems included a lot of IT stuff. IT is very generalized. Most IT people I know wear many hats: setting up new computers; installing software; occasionally, some programming; administ (MORE)

Could achieve business success without information technology?

No, I can not think of one type of busness that can successful without information technoligy or IT. Of couse large coorpartes have to have there servers, domain controllers, and all sorts of IT equipment to fuction propperly but when u get to small buisness, construction, lawncare, even babysitters (MORE)

What are the advantages of information technology in today's business?

to name a few, there is the advantage that you can check into your bussines from the computer in your home or the laptop you took on vacations and the so. But the most important advantage that comes to mind is the speed on sending bussines related documents electronicly over the world wide web no ma (MORE)

What are Information Technology success and failure factors?

Although the causes for information technology (IT) project success and \nfailure have been the subject of many studies, there has been relatively\nlittle attention given to how individuals attribute IT project success \nand failure. The purpose of this research is to determine how project \nmanager (MORE)

Importance of information technology to business organizations?

Information Technology (IT) is: "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware." In short, IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, pr (MORE)

What is information technology and why is it important to a business?

Information Technology is a digital based electronic technology using digital processors and other digital communicating and data recording devices for instant recall. In modern business instant information is required for customer informations,sales,profits,production,system analysis,market researc (MORE)

How can information technology improve business?

Many technologies improve globalization by making people and/or things in distant or remote areas accessible to one another. . Boats/Ships made people, things, and information more accessible across seas. . The wheel, carts, bicycles, cars and trains made people, things and information more acc (MORE)

What is the role of information technology today?

Everything. Communication, finances and the banking system, the critical infrastructure such as power stations and trains, entertainment, information and even in the health industry with database records and hi tech equipment that utilises artificial intelligence such as machines that perform operat (MORE)

What is a description of an information technology business?

An Information Technology business is a business that provides products and/or services that focus on or revolve around any aspect of Information Technology. ( Refer to the attached link for the definition of Information Technology. ) A non-Information Technology business is any business that pro (MORE)

What is the advantage of information technology for business?

It mainly speeds things up and makes administration easier. With the adoption of IT into business, companies could establish databases to keep track of their clients, earnings, spendings etc. It also allows people to communicate more efficiently, for example via e-mail, instant messaging and video c (MORE)

Important of information technology in business?

now a days a business without strong IT is like a blind is the era of information technology. without help of the IT, no business can survive in this competitive corporate world. today most of the businesses are going global & the pre-condition of a successful global company is that has (MORE)

Role of information technology in a 21st century business organization?

information technology has emerged as the fundamental technology of business. information system has brought revolution in business. The barrier to communication has been over come to a great extent time and distance has been conquered to a great extent by the system. Technology is an enabler for (MORE)

What is the impact of Information Technology in business and education?

As IT is constantly evolving, it is harder and harder to predict (and therefore, teach) how to adopt "traditional" business practices to new medims and technologies. An absolutely basic example is the ever increasing market of independent web-based busineses: without the need for an actual "store (MORE)

How can a business use information technology?

A business can use information technology in many different ways. Databases can store a business's client and financial information, they can use networks to increase productivity and they can use the internet to advertise and give information out to potential customers.

What do you think is the role of information technology in modern business?

Technology, for the most part, exists to make life easier. By that definition, we've got it pretty good thanks to the hard work of our fellow humans. In weighing the world's most important technologies, we ruled out the nitty gritty that led to some of the creations below - transistors, electricity (MORE)

What is good and bad about information technology today?

Good: Freedom Bad: Freedom It is good that we have freedom on the internet, we can put what we want on the internet through social media, we can also create articles and express our thoughts through blogs and also record a video and post it on video hosting sites. Although they are rules on some w (MORE)

What are the impacts of information technology in business?

Information technology has benefited the organization growth in every sector. Be it in terms of human resource management with wide number of technological tools available for the same. Also the management of work and review of the performance has been quiet easy in this aspect with inputs from IT s (MORE)

How much does a degree holder in business information technology earn?

It depends upon how much time he gives in his work and how much efficient he is. Averagely, he can earn 1 to 1.5 lakhs IRS. He can put his hands in several sectors of IT because he can do. One thing to say is that just a web designer can earn 100000 IRS ( Indian Rupees ) . But a thing is that he ear (MORE)

What are the importance of information technology in business world?

IT is not just of benefit & importance to the business world but its benefiting every aspect of our lives these days. To count some of the key areas of importance of benefits to the business world: - 1. Automation of processes, which minimize human error 2. Less dependency on pen & paper 3. Sav (MORE)

What will happen to a country without information technology?

The country without information and technology would not function properly as there would be no cooperation between the other countries and with the public of the country itself. Always there would be war between the other countries and always the country without information and technology would loo (MORE)

How does information technology give competitive advantage to a business?

Information technology gives people the ability to manipulate,store, retrieve, exchange and acquire information much faster andmore efficiently than, say, handwriting a letter and mailing it orjamming things into filing cabinets. The ability to process andwork with information in a timely manner is (MORE)

Why are information systems important in business today?

Information systems play an important in business today. Withouteffective, vibrant and updated information system in force, thebusiness will be in doldrum and will be sidelined in the long rundue to stiff competition prevalent in each and every business now adays.

What businesses today uses technology?

Every business today uses 'some' form of technology. Farmers usetractors, pilots use aircraft, Writers use pens. These are allforms of technologies. . So It depends what type of technology you are talking about. Theword "Technology" only describes an object which is better at doingthe job than the (MORE)