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Can convicted felons get gun license?

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Can convicted felon fire a gun?

NO, there should be a law stating that a felon should not be in possession of a firearm,If you are a convicted felon you should know that, firing one proves you were in posses

Can a convicted felon ever get a gun?

  Yes. It can happen lawfully one of three ways:   1) The have a lawyer petition the courts in the juristicition they were convicted in to expunge their criminal record

Can a convicted felon ride in a car with someone who has a registered gun n license?

Yes, but the firearm may not be present in the vehicle in any manner in which it may be accessible to the convicted felon.. in such an instance, it's best to err on the side o

Can a gun be in the home of a convicted felon?

No. Federal law prohibits a convicted felon from purchasing,possessing, or having access to firearmsand ammunition.

Can convicted felon get cdl license?

A convicted felon can get a CDL (but they can't get a hazmat endorsement). However, they would be best advised to ensure that they've found employers who would be willing to h

How far can a convicted felon be to a gun?

There is no set distance. Basically, a felon cannot have access to or control over a firearm. Added: For instance: You cannot live in the same home where there are firearms. Y

I am a convicted felon can I get a cdl license?

Yes Added: There is no prohibition in the law to your getting one. The felony conviction, however, will prevent you from being able to obtain a hazardous materials endorse

Can a convicted felon own a gun?

NO, with very few exceptions. Under the provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), convicted felons and certain other persons are prohibited from possessing or receivi