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First, I believe that your definition of love is confused. A person who really loves another person does not hurt them. The men that are cheating probably do not know how to love anyone but themselves. I would venture to say that they lust instead of love.As far as hurting you ,they are also hurting themselves and most likely have a poor self image of themselves. You need to stop seeing this type of man and come to a realization that a few minutes of a good feeling are not worth the emotional hurt or the reality of deadly std's. Just because a person is a male does not mean that he is a man. A real man respects the feelings of others and behaves himself by keeping his emotions under control. On the other hand, and animal acts out of instict and a desire for pleasure and is ruled by its flesh. Stay away from animals!  
By all means I agree that if someone was cheating on mean i would feel as if they did not love me. And you need to make the decision that is right to you. However, keep in mind that every one makes mistakes....but they do have there consequences...do you still trust him or is he questionable about every little thing in you life....So people can change but you dont know that until you are the fooled one... fool me once--->shame on you fool me twice-->shame on me fool me thrice->your wanting to get hurt    
From a personal experience you have to know why you are in a relationship with a guy. Am saying this because many guys get into relationships for different reasons. A guy may get into a relationship with a girl simply because she is great in bed or because it may boost the guys status to a certain group. By doing this the girl may get mislead since she might even be told that she is loved by the guy, but in real sense, the guy is out there cheating on her as she thinks that she is in a stable and a very rewarding relationship. The idea is to establish in advance why a guy is getting into a relationship with you, after that its a matter of communication and dedication to make the relationship a success.
cheating is just cheating it wont change.if a man cheats on you just leave him even though he can say he love you just let him take a bow.there is no love in cheating.
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