Can retired military receive unemployment in North Carolina?

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Retired service personnel are eligible for unemployment benefits if unable to find a job if they meet certain qualifications. The Related Link below gives information on that. Each state administers the program.
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Where is the best city to retire in North Carolina?

Depends on what you ar looking for in a city. Here are some recommended by "Retirement Magazine." West: Waynesville, Blowing Rock, Maggie Valley. East: New Bern, Southport, Wilmington....the Beach towns.....The Golden Triangle is :Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point...towns somewhat in the center (MORE)

I am retired military 50 my wife 46 is going to retire from the Railroad in 2019 how is our social security impacted Can she receive RR retirement while I receive military retirement?

social security is not impacted by other retirements. they are separate. Your military retirement will not affect or change your wife's retirement from the railroad. you will each have your own retirement and at age 62 or older you each will also have your own social security. however, your wife man (MORE)

Can you qualify for disability if collecting unemployment in North Carolina?

Legally, yes, but it may be a factor in whether you're approved for Social Security Disability (SSDI). While the Social Security Administration doesn't prohibit people on (SSDI) disability from receiving unemployment checks, state unemployment regulations usually require all unemployment recipien (MORE)

If you are retired military can you collect unemployment?

From what I've researched 1) it depends on the state, 2) for states that accept your military retirement: If your retirement from the military is the reason you are seeking unemployment then NO. If you are retired from the military and collecting a retirement check but then go to work at another job (MORE)

Can retired military collect Georgia unemployment insurance?

Only if you don't tell them about your retirement. I retired Jan 2010 and immediately went to work FT. After 7 months, I was laid off without notice. I applied for unemployment and stated honestly that I receive a military retirement. I am a man of integrity and had no desire to falsify information (MORE)

Collecting unemployment moving from vermont to North Carolina?

If you plan to leave the area to look for work, or if you are moving out of the area, contact the toll-free Claimant Assistance Line at 1-877-214-3332 for instructions before you leave. While out of the area, you should keep your list of out of town job contacts, including employers' names, addresse (MORE)

Why is unemployment less in Virginia than North Carolina?

because Northern Virginia is heavily employed by the federal government and thus far not much has been done to cut jobs in the Government. From what I have seen it has in fact grown in the sense there are more jobs there to be had from the expansion of government.

If you receive military pension can you collect unemployment in Florida?

I'd say Yes, see this link, discusses Tennessee but if you read the advice, and check the table referred too, Florida & Tennessee have the same rules. Florida Unemployment site leads you to same webpage. . (MORE)

You were terminated for attendance can you draw unemployment in North Carolina?

You should check with your local unemployment office; but in almost all cases, if you are terminated for wrong doing or quit your job, you cannot collect unemployment. Otherwise, people would just get a job and do something to get fired or quit, just to get the money from unemployment. You may want (MORE)

What has unemployment in South Carolina have to do with North Carolina?

Because the large metropolis of Charlotte, NC is near the state border, many who work in that financial industry city actually live across the state line in South Carolina. For example, the small city of Rock Hill, SC is considered a suburb of Charlotte. If residents of Rock Hill who work in Char (MORE)

Can you collect Pennsylvania unemployment if you move to North Carolina?

If you had already qualified for and were receiving the unemployment benefits, yes. If your move was the reason to claim, then it's questionable and depends on Pennsylvania's law regarding eligibility to receive the benefits. I'm sure every state is different but about 1 year ago we had a girl qui (MORE)

Can retired military receive free legal aid in pa?

Anyone - including retired military - can receive free legal aid in PA, but only if a) your income is low enough to qualify for services, and b) your local legal aid agency handles your type of case. Note that "legal aid" is for civil cases only. Defendants in criminal cases are entitled to a Public (MORE)

Can you receive unemployment while getting retirement money?

You receive unemployment benefits, if you qualify for them by, among other things, being willing, able, and actively seeking full time employment. Private retirement funds you may receive, while not retired, is addressed by the individual state's unemployment offices.

Can you collect unemployment from North Carolina if you moved from California?

Strictly speaking, no. If you haven't worked and become eligible for benefits from North Carolina, you can only receive them from California, providing you were eligible back there. What you can do, however, again if you had qualified, is to apply through the North Carolina office to receive the (MORE)

Can an independent contractor collect unemployment in North Carolina?

Someone who lost a payroll employee job, and otherwise qualifies for UI benefits, gets UI and then becomes an independent contractor somewhere else? No problem. She must report all income earned, and may have UI benefits offset. Someone WAS a non-employee contractor, and lost the assignment? Zero (MORE)

Can you also receive unemployment and still receive your military pension?

In Canada, this is what was explained to me, i am retired as well from the military. Claim unemployment upon retiring, they will count your pension and all your retirement benefits this time. I would have gotten $10 a month from unemployment. Now i have a new job, if I get fired or laid off my pensi (MORE)

Can you receive unemployment and retirement at the same time?

In the UK no. You are only entitled to one or the other dependant on your age. Below retirement it would be JSA or retirement age and above it would SP. In the US you cannot retire and collect unemployment because, among other things, you have to be looking for full time employment, constantly, unt (MORE)

Can you receive unemployment in Alabama while receiving military retirement pay?

I seriously doubt it... military income is deductable from Alabama state unemployment, and with AL's unemployment as low as it is ($265/week max), any retired military pay will most likely be more and therefore disqualify the retired service member. (Just got my denial letter yesterday.) Which is cr (MORE)

Can retire military receive free legal aid in NC?

Only people below a certain income level can receive free Legal Aid in North Carolina. That would include retired military if your income is low enough. The income criteria vary from area to area, and so do the types of cases handled. Click the related link below for a list of Legal Aid agencies in (MORE)