Can retired military collect Georgia unemployment insurance?

Only if you don't tell them about your retirement. I retired Jan 2010 and immediately went to work FT. After 7 months, I was laid off without notice. I applied for unemployment and stated honestly that I receive a military retirement. I am a man of integrity and had no desire to falsify information that could come back to haunt me or even be charged with a crime since it is illegal to falsify information when applying for unemployment.

I was told that I did not qualify for unemployment benefits becaus I receive a military retirement. In short, in the state of Georgia, retired veterans will never be eligible for unemployment benefits because our retirement is more than the benefit. What is being lost in all this is that the state requires every employer to pay into the unemployment system for their workers. This means that the state of Georgia gets to keep the money paid by my employer because I can never qualify for unemployment benefits. This is outrageous! I guess my 24 years of service wasn't enough, they now want my unemployment benefits as well. Just their way of saying "Thanks for your service".

Good Soldier