Can running harm an unborn child?

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No. An unborn child can run all it wants. See discussion page for answers about "Can a pregnant woman run without harming her fetus?".
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Can you get child support for an unborn child?

No. Once the child is born to an unmarried couple, paternity needsto be established before a child support petition can be filed. Itcan be the voluntary acceptance of the male involved or in disputedcases a paternity test (usually DNA rather than a blood test) mustbe done.

Do the fumes of a hair color harm an unborn child?

If you are exposed to the fumes of haircolor in a normal way (for example you are in a hair salon or you are helping someone to dye their hair) then there is no risk, and I wouldn't worry about it. HOwever, if you are excessively exposed to fumes (you are purposely inhaling a bottle of hair dye for (MORE)

Will your unborn child be addicted to Vicodin if you are?

YES!!! Vicodin addiction is a common problem, especially for people in chronic pain, because tolerance to vicodin goes up dramatically and quickly. If you're an adult, it's your choice, but if you are pregnant, then yes, your baby could come into this planet craving narcotics. You should NOT even be (MORE)

How can you prove a mother is causing harm to her unborn child?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou didn't explain what this young mother-to-be was doing to harm her baby. Smoking, drugs, alcohol, trying to get rid of the baby. There isn't much you can do as she's the mother and has a right to her own body. When the baby is born and if she mistreats her newborn t (MORE)

Are arguments harmful to the unborn baby?

Answer . Ok I can relate to this question. (Kinda). I was just pregnant and I really think that stress can cause a miscarriage...but I'm not 100% sure about it... today I just found out I had a miscarriage.. My dad and I fight all the time and his girlfriend and his daughter. My boyfriend and (MORE)

Rights of an unborn child?

An unborn child does not have a chance in life. The unborn have the rights the woman carrying it agrees to up to the 24th week. If she chooses to keep the fetus it has the right to medical help if needed etc. If she chooses to abort it has no rights. After week 24 the fetus has rights and the woma (MORE)

Can stress harm your unborn baby?

It depends on what u do when you are stressed but other than that If u don't pound or hit anything on your Stomach ur fine stress is normally caused by hormone change which can affect your health. is not healthy for you eventhough it affects your unborn child or not. but it is also common for wome (MORE)

What harm does x-rays do to you unborn child?

X-rays can damage the DNA of any living being subject to them; to an adult human, their impact is minimal and so occasional X-rays are not dangerous. However, for an unborn child an X-ray can potentially be harmful--so be sure that you have a competent doctor's full and unreserved blessing before un (MORE)

Can a unborn baby be harmed by painting?

As long as the room is well ventilated - allowing plenty of freshair, the baby should be fine. If you are dizzy from the fumes -that is an indication of lack of air - the baby may need fresh airat that point too.

Does douching kills an unborn child?

no. As a means of contraceptive douching is pretty much pointless. If anything it can set you up for yeast infections and whatnot because of the procedure changing your natural pH.

Is feta cheese harmful to an unborn child?

First Answer . Feta cheese is not harmful to an unborn child in any way. Actually, the calcuim in cheese is good for the mother and the baby. But many cheeses are high in sodium, so if you are on a low sodium diet, check with your doctor before eating it, or anything else high in sodium.. Second (MORE)

What can cannabis do to an unborn child?

According to a longitudinal study published in 1991, and done in the 1980's in Jamaica by Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD, FAAN, and funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the March of Dimes, at 3 days after birth, there was no difference in babies who were exposed to cannabis, and those who wer (MORE)

What can harm an unborn fetus?

Many things can harm the unborn fetus including, but not limited to, alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription and non-prescription medication, infections, trauma, and smoking.

Will smoking harm an unborn baby?

Smoking has harmful chemicals called nicotine and carbon monoxide. These chemicals make the mother's blood less able to carry oxygen and food to the baby. When You Smoke During Pregnancy . There is a greater chance for miscarriage . You may have a small, sick baby . Your baby may be at greater (MORE)

The cry of the unborn child?

Please write your question in a COMPLETE sentence, telling what you want to know ABOUT the cry of an unborn child.

Cry of the unborn child?

What would you like to know about it? Usually that would give a better hint as to what we should answer about.

What harm smoking do to an unborn child?

There is one thing I would say...... . If you eat an apple and half goes to the baby that means if you smoke half of that goes to the babys lungs. . more info..... . When you smoke, your unborn baby smokes, too. On average, babies of women who smoke weigh less at birth than babies of nonsmokers. (MORE)

Can you get a DNA test on an unborn child?

Yes. There are several methods including a procedure called amniocentesis in which a needle is inserted into the uterus and a small amount of the amniotic fluid is collected for testing. Recently scientists have discovered a trace presence of the baby's DNA in the mother's own blood stream which can (MORE)

Can drinking whiskey on a regular basis harm your unborn child if you just found out and are only 4 weeks pregnant?

Possibly but I'd quit drinking any alcohol at all until at least after the child is born. You should ask the question of a medical doctor at a free clinic, planned parenthood office or someplace like that. Planned parenthood helps people with these questions. They don't just abort babies like some p (MORE)

Can alcohol harm your unborn baby?

I'm not sure if you should be having a baby if you need to ask this question. Of course alcohol can harm an unborn baby. What you eat and drink is what the baby eats and drinks. There is a plethora of information on the Internet through a simple Google search. But I advise you or anyone else aski (MORE)

Can antibody in an unborn child harm the mother?

Immune system in a fetus is not well developed. And as such it is less likely and very less harmful for the mother to have damage from antibody from the fetus. Never the less this is possible.

Are tattos harmful to your unborn baby?

They can be if not done properly. It is best to wait until after the baby is born and you're done breastfeeding (if you so choose) before getting a tattoo. You can always ask your doctor for her/his advice on this issue, too.

Can hot water harm your unborn child?

The baby is safe inside of you if you get burned by hot water. However, it is important to keep your body temperature from elevating, such as would happen if you spent an extended amount of time in a hot tub.

Can Impetigo harm an unborn baby?

Impetigo is a 'contagious' disease. That means it is spread by direct physical contact. If you don't touch anyone who has it you shouldn't get the infection. It is quite rare for an adult to get impetigo. This is partly because it is usually caused by the most common bacteria which are present on th (MORE)

Smoking can harm your unborn baby?

Omg, yes. It can effect a baby very badly, in fact, it can die in your womb from smoking, drinking, etc. Please, if you are pregnant and are a smoker, I beg of you to try your hardest to stop it.

Can cannabis harm your unborn child?

Medical doctors will tell you no because it hasn't been tested on pregnant women. I can only speak from my experience. I used cannabis during pregnancy and am still during breastfeeding with my 2nd pregnancy for nausea, migraines, aches/pains and sleeplessness. I used minimal amounts in the form of (MORE)

Can amphetamine affect an unborn child?

Amphetamines are considered unsafe to use in pregnancy and while there is limited medical evidence of the consequences of using amphetamine type stimulant drugs during pregnancy, the following effects have been described: . Reduced blood flow caused by narrowing of the blood vessels 2,limiting oxyg (MORE)

What does it mean to have a dream about your unborn child?

If you are pregnant, it means you are quite normal. Many, if not all, pregnant women dream about their unborn child. If you are not pregnant, dreaming of an unborn child might relate to something you hope to do or something you hope to become. It could reflect your efforts to make yourself into a (MORE)

How can alcohol harm an unborn baby?

FASDs, with effects that range from mild to severe. These effects include mental retardation; learning, emotional and behavioral problems; and defects involving the heart, face and other organs. The most severe of these effects is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), a combination of physical and mental bi (MORE)

Can methadone harm an unborn fetus?

I suggest you google "Mothers on Methadone program at Kent General Hospital" for thorough information. You will find that normal babies are born every day to mothers using methadone.

Can corn starch harm an unborn child?

If you mean if a mother eats corn starch, then no, not unless the mother has an allergy to corn starch. Normally corn starch would be very good for the mother to eat in moderation.

What are the effects of malnutrition on an unborn child?

An unborn child (fetus) gets all of its nutrients from the mother. Therefore, if the mother is malnorished then the baby will be too. This can have many negative long term effects on the child, even if it is fed plenty of food once it has been born. Some of the long term effects are: - A weak im (MORE)

Does weed harm the unborn child?

While there are no conclusive studies done on the subject, it is conjectured that marijuana used during pregnancy may cause chemical addiction, low birth weight, neurological damage, and/or birth defects in fetuses and infants. Most sates in the USA require drug tests of new born infants shortly aft (MORE)

Can ice harm an unborn baby?

If you are talking about the drug ice then absolutely. You should not be carrying a baby if you are going yo harm it with a drug.

How can smoking harm an unborn child?

It can cause deformities and metal probems or the child when it is born. If the mother has been smoking an adictive drug like cannabis then the child will be born adicted to that drug.

Can you get legal guardianship of an unborn child in OR?

No. A child must be born for the courts to have jurisdiction. Therefore a person cannot petition for custody or guardianship until the child is born. Adoption proceedings can be started prior to the birth. Generally, if the parents are unmarried the mother has sole custody and control in most sta (MORE)

Will Aleve harm the unborn baby?

This tablet contents Naproxen. It is non steroidal pain killer. Taken occasionally, it will not harm the unborn baby. But Tablet Paracetamol is preferred in first three months of pregnancy. There after take it if your Doctor prescribe it to you, please take it.