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Can super glue burn shoe glue?

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No,but it can burn laces
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What is super glue?

Super glue is made from a chemical called 'cyanoacrylate.'

Which glue is better hot glue or super glue?

it depends on what you are using the glue for. fur instants, im doing an art project that includes feathers, silk, string, and a paper plate. then i should use hot glue. if im

What will happen if you burn super glue?

Don't. Poly(methyle2-cyanopropenate) - it's proper name is a form a thermoseting hydrocarbon. When burnt toxic fumes will be realeased causing deadly results.

Hot glue or super glue?

Hot glue and super glue are for different uses. Both are good within their use.

Where to get super glue?

You can get super glue from Ace, Lowes, or Home Depot, and sometimes Target.

What glue is better super glue or krazy glue?

Although different brands, these are basically the same thing and I've never sen much difference in anything they do. I frequently use one or the other,whichever is within rea

What will super glue not do?

Super glue will not stick to polyethylene or CPVC.