Can the California franchise tax board garnish your ssi?

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no they cannot
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If you owe state taxes in California can your wages be garnished in Florida?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nMost likely yes. Here's how it works. If someone owes taxes and moves out of state, the state they now reside in will usually garnish the perso

Can the California franchise tax board levy state disability checks?

Let me rephrase your question so that you can be sure my answer actually addresses what you want to know: "Must I pay taxes in the State of California on disability claim chec

Can SSI be garnished?

No.. SSI and other Social Security or public assistance benefits can only be garnished if the matter relates to child support or tax arrearages. . There has, however, been a

Can California garnish unemployment payments for back taxes?

California will attempt to take money from anybody for anything, including states which with they have made reciprocal arrangements. In some "hardship" circumstances, you can

Can California garnish your wages in Arkansas for taxes owed in California?

Yes they can garnish your wages. If it is out of State collections, one of two things has to happen for your wages to be garnished. First, if the company you work for has Nexu

Can the California franchise tax board levy on out of state property or bank account?

Yes, but the FTB would need to go through a judicial process designed to gain the target state's bank. If it were a bank in, say Nevada, and it was a Nevada corporate account,

Can the California franchise tax board collect on taxes from 1989 when I'm now living in florida and receiving a bill now in 2012?

I think they can. You could live on the moon and they would get taxes from you. Did you earn the income in CA and not file your taxes because you were in Florida ? If you did

What are the typical franchise tax fees in California?

A franchise tax is a government tax charged byindividual U.S. states to corporations, limited liability companiesand partnerships that have nexus in the state. The franchise f