Can the Theory of Time Lapse proposed by Einstein proved and under what conditions?

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I assume you mean the idea of time dilation as proposed in his second theory of relativity where time slows down as an object's speed increases. This has been proved in several ways. Here are just three: Certain types of sub-atomic particles called mesons have a particular lifespan that is known and can be measured accurately in particle accelerators. Some mesons are produced in the upper atmosphere by particles there being bombarded by particles and waves found, for example, in the Solar Wind. Physicists know where these mesons are formed and they know the speed at which they travel. These mesons can be detected on the earth's surface but the point is that they shouldn't be able to be detected - they should have decayed long before. However, when the time dilation effect is appplied to them then the figures agree remarkably well - the mesons survive because for them, travelling at high velocity, time slows down and their lifespan increases to a stationary observer measuring them. Secondly, within particle accelerators, as certain particles are accelerated towards the speed of light, not only do their lifespans increase in exactly the amount predicted by Einstein, but also their mass increases in pproportion - again exactly in accordance with Einstein's predictions. Thirdly, during one of the Apollo missions an atomic clock was taken along in the spacecraft which was exactly synchronised with a second clock on earth. Atomic clocks are the most accurate timepieces in the world - accurate to one second in several thousand years. When the ship returned, the clocks were compared, and the clock on the ship was found to have slowed by a tiny fraction of a second. A tiny period of time indeed, but when investigated and put into Einstein's fomulae for time dilation, it was found that the slowing down agreed exactly with Einstein's prediction.
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When did Einstein prove the theory of Relativity?

In November of 1919, at the age of 40, Albert Einstein became an overnight celebrity, thanks to a solar eclipse. An experiment had confirmed that light rays from distant stars were deflected by the gravity of the sun in just the amount he had predicted in his 1916 paper on his theory of gravity, gen (MORE)

Theories of Einstein?

The most famous is E=MC 2 , meaning Energy=Mass times the Speed of Light squared.

Who proposed and proved the heliocentric theory?

This explains the input of several astronomers into this theory.. Copernicus:. In 1418-30, he did his work on 'On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres' In this book, he suggested that Earth rotated daily on its axis and that it orbits the Sun every year. He also said that other planets also rotate (MORE)

What was Einsteins theory?

He "invented" the formula E=mc 2 , he explained the photoelectric effect and he invented the theory about general relativity. But some people think that Einstein didn't invent anything. They think he stole these formulas from other scientist. Some authors believe that Marcel Grossman or Mileva Ei (MORE)

Albert Einstein theory of relativity?

E=mc 2 is the formula but the theories were called: . the general theory of relativity . about mass traveling at or faster than the speed of light while accelerating positively or negatively . the special theory of relativity . about mass traveling at the speed of light while holding a (MORE)

Where did Einstein prove the theory of relativity?

Einstein did not "prove" his postulates in the sense that he conducted tests to determine whether or not they fit experimental evidence. Instead, he wrote these postulates in his special theory of relativity while working as a patents clerk in Geneva in 1905 followed by the general theory in Germany (MORE)

Why was the continental drift theory or hypothesis rejected at the time that Alfred Wegener proposed it?

Wegener proposed the continental drift theory, and providedscientific evidences for such, but couldn't explain the mechanismor processes behind the movement of continents. It was difficultfor anyone to imagine how entire continents might move. It wasn'tuntil the mid-twentieth century with the discov (MORE)

What did albert einstein do for the atomic theory?

Albert Einstein was the first to prove the existence of atoms inhis seminal paper on Brownian motion (this, incidentally, alsoproved the existence of molecules). He is probably the mostinfluential figure in the history of Quantum Mechanics, beginningwith his 1905 paper on the Photoelectric Effect. T (MORE)

When was einsteins theory of relativity published?

The theory of relativity is actually a conglomerate of two theorieswhich Einstein theorized at different times. Special relativity waspublished in 1905 and changed the scientific world until some ofthe ideas could not hold up to scrutiny. It was then that Einsteinpublished the theory of general rela (MORE)

How did Einstein prove the existence of atoms?

Einstein did not prove the existence of atoms. This was done by Ernst Rutherford at McGill university using X-rays shot through a piece of gold foil. He found that X-rays were able to pass through a piece of thin gold foil, but that they were scattered in some instances. By doing this, he elucidated (MORE)

For what theory is Einstein best-remembered for?

Albert Einstein was one of the greatest and most famous scientific minds of the 20th century. The eminent physicist is best remembered for his theories of relativity, as well as his revolutionary notion concerning the nature of light.

Einstein twin paradox theory?

It isn't a theory, and it isn't truly a paradox, except to those who don't understand the relationship. Here's the problem:. A spaceship leaves earth for a trip at high relativistic velocity. Aboard is one twin, the other having remained on earth. The ship is moving away from earth at high speed, a (MORE)

When did Albert Einstein propose the Quantum Theory?

Never. Einstein proposed a number of important theories, but quantum theory was not one of them. "Quantum Theory" is actually a popular misnomer for a number of theories, the earliest of which was a quantum mechanical theory of the electromagnetic field in 1926 proposed by Max Born, Pascual Jordan, (MORE)

How do you prove Einstein wrong?

there is no evidence to prove him wrong but there is a theory.there is no proof that Einstein was right but he was right about a body having energy.there is no proof if we send a body or mass in the speed of light that it will indeed itself turn into energy he never tested this.he may have experimen (MORE)

When did Einstein develop the theory of relativity?

The Special Theory of Relativity was published in 1905. The General Theory of Relativity was published in 1915. In each case, we may assume that he had probably been working on it for a while, years probably. The Special Theory of Relativity was published in 1905. The General Theory of Relativit (MORE)

How do you make a time-lapse using iMovie?

Click on the direct link to iMovie Guide in the Related Links section on the bottom of this page. The Guide is in PDF format, so please wait for the document to load entirely. Once the iMovie PDF is open, click on the Bookmarks tab (second icon below padlock icon on left side). In the Book (MORE)

What is the theory of Einstein about Parallel Universes?

That somewhere in the universe somehow there is us but different as we may be robots or be wizards that the world is not as it seems. That our normal is what they wish to understand and be apart of just we would love to be apart of there world. You would have to most likely travel on the pretty colo (MORE)

In which country did did Einstein prove the theory of Relativity?

Einstein didn't prove the theory of relativity. It is a theory, a possible explanation, it is generally accepted because it explains a lot of things but that doesn't "prove" the theory, at least not to physicists. See related questions for the country of discovery.

Where did Einstein discover his theory of relativity?

For General Relativity the answer is relatively simple. Einstein lived in Germany until 1909 and he published a paper on special relativity in 1905. For General Relativity the answer is not so clear. He moved around Europe quite a bit. The answer is probably Germany or Switzerland. He had certainly (MORE)

When did Einstein develop his theory reletivity?

einsteen's theory of relativity [1905] extended maths to cover objects moving at a constant high speed.His general theory of relativity [1916]further extended the maths to cover rapidly accelerating objects.

What is Einstein theory of relativity all about?

It is really about several things; but briefly, when you go at high speeds, several things change (depending on the point of view). The things that change include how fast time passes, measures of distance, and masses. Also, through their gravitation, large masses cause certain distortions in both s (MORE)

How do you solve Einsteins theory of relativity?

E=MC² M stands for matter E stands for energy C stands for the speed of light -The speed of light is: 299 792 458 m / s You can't "solve" it in the sense of deriving it from more basic principles. As of now, it IS part of the most basic principles of our Universe. If you mean "unders (MORE)

Can you prove that Einsteins relativity theory is wrong?

That would be kind of tough, since most of its explanations and predictions have been verified in thousands of experiments over the past hundred years. For one example: One of the predictions that falls out of the Relativistic math is the way that time becomes distorted or "dilated" when two (MORE)

Which theory was first proposed by Albert Einstein?

Einstein Discoveries-Theories In 1905, at the age of 26 Einstein published five major research papers in a prestigious German physics journal . For his first paper he received a doctorate degree from the university of Zurich, thesis entitled "A new determination of Molecular Dimensions," . In (MORE)

What is string theory initiated by Einstein?

Closed Questions When did you die? April 18 th 1955 Where did you die? Princeton, New Jersey Where were you born? Ulm, Germany When were you born? March 14 th 1879 What were your parent's names? Pauline and Herman Einstein Open Questions Why are you notable? Albert Einstein Challenge the way scie (MORE)

How did Einstein get the idea for the theory of relativity?

In his autobiography, Einstein stated that the idea for time dilation due to velocity came when he was riding a trolley away from a clock tower in Bern. He asked himself what time he would see in the clock if that trolley were moving away from the clock at the speed of light. It occurred to him that (MORE)

Why is time-lapse photography important?

Time=lapse photography allows you to see small, incremental changes in a short period of time. For instance, you can see a flower grow from seed to full bloom in a matter of seconds rather than weeks!

Is time lapse photography important?

Time lapse photography is a technique in which the time duration is shorten and is represented through series of photos , merged into a form of a small movie, the frames are fixed per second, to make it look like it is in continuous form.

How does one do a time lapse of a class video?

Video making is a fun and enjoyable project for photography classes. Time-lapse photography or video is a method of joining a series of still photos together. The images are recorded over a period of time and then compressed and played back a high speed.

Why did arthur eddington prove alberts Einstein theory of relativity?

Like all good scientists, Eddington was interested in advancingknowledge through experimentation. General relativity made veryspecific predictions about what would be observed under certainconditions, and Eddington was one of many people who wanted to testwhether these observations were true. When t (MORE)