Can the basin drain pipe be offset from the pipe going into the wall?

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As long as the pipe going into the wall is straight, the rest of the drain pipe can be routed however it needs to be. Very often the trap is at an angle to the pipe in the wall.
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How do you clean a drain pipe out?

To clean a shower drain pour Dr.Pepper down it!!! Ideally water jetting as it will scour the waste lines to restore full flow as originally designed how to get rid of smelly b

Why are drain pipes made from plastic?

PVC pipes, made of combined plastic and vinyl, are often used forprojects in which a drainage pipe has to hold up well againstpressure and heavy weight. This type of drainage

Why is iron not used on drain pipes?

Iron rusts easily when combined with water, and drain pipes have water flowing through them. If iron was used, the pipes would rust within a few days.
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What is drain pipe?

A drain pipe is used to move water away from a certain area. Examples are the pipes that go across patio roofs, and pipes that lead excess water away from houses.