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Can the lease be broken after moving in if you were told by someone that the person living there before you had the AIDS virus and died and were not found until a week later because of the smell?

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answer It's not AIDS. It's HIV. Aids is an extreme level of HIV progression. Some never obtain the viral level to be classified as AIDS, some do. Regardless, it's HIV that you should be concerned about. You have nothing to worry about regarding the virus. It cannot survive outside of a living body for long. Some states require an agent or seller to disclose any violent deaths or problems in the house. Check the real estate disclosure laws in your state. If the law exists, then yes, you can break the lease. Also, check your sources. Be sure it actually happened before looking into this. For your own information, you should know that AIDs is not something you can get from living in the house. The body was removed and the smell must have been removed before you saw the house or you would have noticed. Also, most landlords have their property cleaned before leasing it. Things happen in houses, if it bothers you try getting your priest (or religious leader) to bless the house. Sometimes that will make things seem better.
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