Can us green card holder girl marry h1 visa boy?

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You can marry, but your marriage does not change your immigration status since neither of you is a US citizen.
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Can a student with an EAD card on Optional Practical Training marry a green card holder and continue to work in the US before receiving the H1-B visa?

No . You can marry the green card holder but that does not affect your ability to work. Your right to work is completely tied to your OPT and then your H1B. If there is no gap between the end of your OPT and start of H1B then you can carry on working. If your OPT ends then you have to stop wor (MORE)

Can a green card holder marry his fiance who is legally in the U.S. on a tourist visa?

You can marry but there will be so many problems, as the marriage will raise questions and immigration may ask you fiance many questions and they may feel that she lied with them to get to US. It is better if you apply for K1 visa for her, as soon as she is here you need to marry her within 90 days. (MORE)

What is the minimum amount of time you can have an H1-B visa before acquiring a Green Card?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI am not an expert on immigration but, I have read a lot about immigration procedures. I think that everyone with a visa other than a simple tourist visa can apply almost immediately for permanet residen alien visa (green card). But do not take my word for it, since i can n (MORE)

Can a green card holder get a divorce in the US if they were married in India?

Answer . One of the best things to do is to consult a divorce lawyer in the American city that you live in. In particular, you want this divorce lawyer to tell you what are the laws (in the American state you are located in) that apply to you. [Note: be sure to ask if the first consultation is f (MORE)

If you have been in the US for 7 months and your visa has expired but you have plans to be married to a 'green card' holder how long will it take to obtain a Social Security number?

A foreign national cannot obtain a US Social Security number without proof that he or she is within the US legally.. The issue of the pending marriage to a permanent resident of the US, is not relevant, as marriage to an individual with such status or a US citizen does not automatically confer resi (MORE)

Does a US Green Card holder need a Visa to go to France?

depends on where you're from. with the green card, you do not need to have visa to visit Canada or Mexico, however, European countries still require visa based on your country of citizenship. my advice is to try get a usa travel document,not your country's. jean Pierre kabahizi

What countries can green card holder can travel without a visa?

USA, CANADA, MEXICO, some Central American countries, some Caribbean islands, Switzerland . and to those to which nationals of your countries are allowed to travel without a visa or resident permit. There might be some more. Note: You must hold the actual card in most cases. Starting Dec 2008, S (MORE)

What if a Green card holder marries a US citizen?

They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

What countries do not require a visa for US permanent residents Green card holders?

country that do not required visa permanently out of the country resident greencardholder . Green Card . The "green card," which has not really been green-colored for many years, is also known by other terms: a permanent visa, lawful permanent residence, and immigration to the US. Students who (MORE)

Does a US Green card holder need a visa to go to Mexico?

No. you don't know. If you are US or Canadian green car holder ( permanent resident), then you don't need to get advanced tourist visa to enter Mexico. See link below.

Does a US green card holder need a visa to travel to New Zealand?

Having a "green card" from the United States will allow you to enter the US if you leave. It has nothing to do with access to other countries. Whether or not you will need a visa to travel to New Zealand depends on the country from which you have your passport.

H2B visa holder can be sponsor by a us citizen sister for a green card or immigrant?

Can I apply for a Green Card while on H-2B status? Yes, you may apply for Green Card while on H-2B visa. You may attain an immigrant status in the U.S. through the Family Based Immigration. If you have close relatives who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents, the relatives may file an immig (MORE)

Does a US green card holder need a visa to travel to Thailand?

it depends on how long your going for. if its longer than a week you need a visa According to Thai Immigration Rules and Regulations, there are several types of visa to be chosen from depending on each foreigner's qualifications and objective of their stay which can be categorized; as follow: (MORE)

Im overstayed already im a C1D visa if you marry a US citizen can you get green card holder or us residence?

Through a lengthy process - yes. But what is really troubling about your whole question is the fact you seem to quick to use (misuse) the institute of marriage to fulfill your selfish wants. I wonder what "real marriage" divorce rates would look like if we removed everyone like you from the picture (MORE)

Does US green card holder need visa to visit Malaysia?

If you have a green card and a travel document from the USCIS you need a visa. But if you are a green card holder and have a passport, you may not need a visa depending upon the country of citizenship, i.e. green card is irrelevant. Check the list of citizens who requires visa for Malaysia.

Can an alien who marries a US green card holder apply for a US green card?

Lawful Permanent Residents who got married before obtaining a Green Card are not required to file an Immigrant Petition on behalf of their spouse (or any children born before becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident). A spouse and eligible children of a Lawful Permanent Resident in this category may (MORE)

Can US green card holder enter Guam without a visa?

Yes. Guam is a US territory Yes.Once you become US Permanent Resident green card holders, there are 11 countries and territories that they can travel to without applying for a tourist visa to enter as long as they carry with them their valid US Permanent resident cards and Philippine passports (s (MORE)

Which countries do not need visa for US green card holders?

A green card gets you into the US. It doesn't mean that you can use it to get into any other country! Each country you want to visit has its own visa regulations. Check these requirements at the embassy (or online) according to your needs.

What country can green card holder can trabel without a visa?

If you have Indian citizenship,passport and got US GC then for Bahamas, Canada, Mexico and Switzerland you don't need visitor or tourist visa.You can travel to Costa Rica without needing a visa too.Assuming you have an Indian passport, the UK and France will exempt you from a Transit visa but not a (MORE)

Can a us woman marry a man with a green card visa?

I presume from your question that the US woman is about to marry a man who is in the US on a Fiance visa. She can marry that person within 90 days of his entry into the US. Also the marriage should be a genuine one and not for the sake of getting a green card. If it is a fake arrangement, then the f (MORE)

Can you adjust your status after entering the US with a visa waiver program and married to a green card holder and havind a usc child?

Lawful Permanent Residents who got married before obtaining a Green Card are not required to file an Immigrant Petition on behalf of their spouse (or any children born before becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident). A spouse and eligible children of a Lawful Permanent Resident in this category may app (MORE)

Can a green card holder marry a visiter that's in the US?

Yes provided the visitor continues stays in legal status.Once the marriage formalities are complete the green card holder can petition for green card for spouse by filing Form I-130 and also concurrently file Form I-485 for adjustment of status.

Can a US green card holder travel to Spain without a visa?

The fact that you hold a US "green card" is essentially irrelevant. What matters is the relationship whatever country you are a citizen of has with Spain. US Citizens, with a US passport, can enter Spain for up to 90 days without a visa. You should check with your country's embassy or consulate to (MORE)

Am a green card holder do you need a visa to Dubai?

To visit Dubai, the second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates(UAE), you must apply for a UAE visa in person at the Embassy of the UAE in Washington, D.C. Only visit visas are issued by the Embassy and it does not issue tourist or transit visas. To get a visa you first must receive sponsorsh (MORE)

Can a green card holder get married in Switzerland?

A US citizen with a green card can get married to a Switzerland citizen if they have the proper documentation. To do so, you need to go to the office where all marriages are processed and they can tell you which documents specifically you will need.

Does a us green card holder need a visa to Cancun?

A green card allows you to enter the United States. It doesn't mean it will allow you to enter other countries, though. In the case of Mexico, you need to present your international passport; if you have an American passport you may enter Mexico without needing a visa. Otherwise, some restrictions a (MORE)

Do US green card holders need a visa to go to France?

The green card is a visa for the US, not any other country. To goto France the person would need a passport from their home country(as they are not US citizens yet) and a visa if the immigrationlaws of France require one for their country.