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Can you be responsible for your spouse's narcissism?

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The short answer is no. Narcissism is not caused in adulthood. There is nothing one adult can do to another adult that will cause something as serious as narcissism. The adult psyche is far too well established and functional to be destroyed in the way one with narcissism has their psych destroyed. For proof just look at all the survivors of the Jewish concentration camps. If any amount of mistreatment could cause narcissism it would surely show up there.
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    Answer       yes     *   Only if the couple reside in a community property state and the debt is incurred during the marriage.    

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depending on who was using the card, that's who's fault it would be... I'm going to assume since it was your spouse's credit card, that your spouse is then responsible for it.

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One of the reasons for developing such behavior are due to feeling of insecurity,incompetence,not getting attention from everyone at all times which result constant 'fear' and

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Narcissism can be difficult to treat at times, but it depends on the client. If the client is truly motivated (which yes, does happen despite what you may read online), treatm