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Can you collect Unemployment Insurance in New York while working in New Jersey?

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Probably not. Another answer:
Only the "liable state" (the one where your employer pays its unemployment taxes to) is the one you receive your unemployment compensation from.
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Where do you file for unemployment insurance if you live in New Jersey but work in New York?

Answer: You file for unemployment from the "liable state" which collects the unemployment insurance from the employer you worked for. In this case, the "liable state" is New Y

You collect SSDI and was also working part time can you collect New York state unemployment insurance?

Just an FYI: When there's any change in status, you should contact the NYS unemployment ins. agency. Their number is listed on their website. While SSDI is not a financial-nee

If you work in New York and live in New Jersey where do you collect unemployment benefits?

This depends on where you work and how your pay check is issued, ie which state your unemployment insurance is paid to. The state that INSURES you against unemployment is the

Can you collect unemployment after working for a nonprofit in New Jersey?

    Religious nonprofits have the option to not pay unemployment. If they choose not to pay then the employee cannot collect unemployment. If they do pay unemployment