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Can you collect on your husbands social security?

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Whether or not a woman can collect on her husbands social security depends on several factors. First, she has to be old enough or disabled. Second, she has to have been married long enough. Then, she must be widowed or divorced. Other rules may apply. As with everything involving the government, exceptions exist. You will need to see someone at the social security office. If you try to contact someone by phone, you will get a recorded message that someone will get back to you. One person has been waiting 20 years for his call to be returned. You can try the internet. You may or may not get satisfaction. If you visit a social security office, you will be able to get an appointment with a live human being.
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Can you collect on your ex-husbands social security?

If you remain unmarried you will be able to collect on your exhusband's social security. This becomes null and void if youremarry however. A case worker from the Social Securi

Can you collect from your ex-husbands Social Security if he is still living?

Yes. You are eligible to draw retirement benefits against a living ex-spouse's work record if you are at least 62 years old, were married 10 years or more, are not currently

Can an ex-husband collect on his ex-wife's Social Security?

If the couple lived together for at least ten years - as a married couple, then there MAY be a legitimate claim, to a portion of the benefits.

How old does a widow have to be to collect her husband social security?

You neglect to tell us which country you live in and therefore we can not provide you with a specific answer to your question. In the UK a widow will inherit her husband's

How do you collect your alimony when your ex-husband collects Social Security?

Social Security Disability benefits are exempt from any debt collection except for child support obligations. SS benefits can in some cases be garnished for spousal maintenanc

Can a wife collect social security on a death of a husband if they were separated?

Yes. A spouse can collect Social Security benefits even if you were divorced at the time of death as long as you were married for at least 10 years.

Does your ex husband have to die before you can collect his social security?

If there is court ordered spousal support the ex spouse may be entititled to that amount from the obligated spouse's SS benefits. If there is no court ordered alimony the ex-s

How long do you have to be married to collect deceased husbands social security?

Your age at the time of his death determines the benefit. Also, if you remarry before age 60, you lose your entitlement. See the related link.