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Can you collect short term disability for back surgery in Missouri?

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Short term disability would probably cover you during the time you were unable to work after your surgery - provided you have met the pre-existing condition clause in your policy.
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Can you receive short term disability for plastic surgery?

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How long do you have to be out of work to collect short term disability?

It depends - on your short term disability elimination period.    If you live in a state with mandated coverage, check with your state's department of labor. If you h

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Short-term disability benefits may be payable under a private insurance policy procured by you or by your employer. The policy will provide a definition of "disability" that h

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Is your tear complete? Some, may be most shoulder specialists wouldn't consider repair of a full thickness rotator cuff care elective. Yes, one can choose not to have surgery,

When does short term disability kick in for surgery?

It depends upon the elimination period in your policy. The  elimination period is the length of time stated in the policy that  you must be disabled before benefits begin be