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Can you collect unemployment and severance pay at the same time in Maryland?

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No, you can collect once your payments cease. If receiving a lump sum, they will calculate the number of equivalent weeks of pay and you will not be eligible for benefits during that time.
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Can you collect unemployment and disability at the same time in Alabama?

In the Related Link below, under "Non Separation Eligibility Issues, item #2. you have to be able to work, and not be prevented, due to sickness or injury, from performing the

Does severance pay keep you from collecting unemployment in Minnesota?

In my case, I was allowed 6 months of pay. Then Minnesota is going to take 50% of that pay for state taxes. The rate is higher because its a severance that is paid in one lump

Can you collect unemployment after your severance pay?

Yes, you can still collect unemployment benefits after receiving severance pay. These 2 benefits are separate and distinct from the other -- severance pay is the considerati

Can you collect unemployment and Social Security Disability at the same time?

Technically and legally, yes, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind. While the Social Security Administration doesn't prohibit people on (SSDI) disability from

Can you collect unemployment benefits and severance pay in New Jersey?

Yes, you can collect both severance pay and Unemployment IF the severance pay is not considered an extension of your employment, under the terms of the severance agreement. Fo

Can you collect unemployment and severance pay at the same time?

PA - in 2005, employees could receive both a severance package and collect unemployment compensation benefits. Now an employee would still have the ability to apply for benefi

Can you collect worker's compensation and unemployment benefits at the same time?

The answer depends on your state of residence, the nature of your illness or injury, and whether you are able to accept work for which you are qualified. If you're unable to w

How much does Maryland unemployment pay?

Maryland's unemployment benefits range from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $430 per week (as of 4 Oct. 2010), depending on what your earnings were during the base period. Fo

Can I collect unemployment and disability benefits at the same time in Iowa?

Yes, it's legal to collect both unemployment and social security disability benefits in Iowa if you qualify under both programs, but you must be willing and able to work and b

Can unemployment benefits and severance from an employer be collected at the same time in NY state?

  I did. I received lump sum severance and collected unemployment in NYC. Of course, the regular one week waiting period for unemployment still goes so make sure to apply