Can you file bankruptcy on back child support?

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You can file a chpt. 13 so that you can catch up and pay the arrears through the chpt. 13 payment plan. However, child support payments MUST be 100% PAID IN FULL. The only exception would be if the person OWED the child support AGREES to accept a different/lower amount.
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Can you file bankruptcy to discharge child support payments?

Answer . \nNo. Section 523(a)(5) of the Bankruptcy Code prohibits debtors from receiving a discharge of spousal and child support obligations. If yuou are behind on paym

Can you file child support on bankruptcy?

No.. The specifically does not allow BK to discharge your obligation to your kids.. You actually want to go bankrupt on your kids?

If a debt is owed to the state for back child support can filing bankruptcy settle this debt?

No....that debt is not dischargeable in BK, (as asked and answered at least a zillion times here already). And many, many methods are available to collect it that aren't avail

Can you file bankruptcy to discharge a child support judgment? any way. Guess you just have to be responsible for your kids.. Pity their parent would want to go bankrupt financially on them too, fortunately society doesn't allow

Can you file back child support in a bankruptcy in the state of Illinois?

When you file for bankruptcy, you are required to list ALL debts you owe. However, child support or alimony (called Domestic Support) are NOT discharged in a bankruptcy. In