Can you find nervous tissue in the heart?

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In Heart
The heart has several types of neural tissue. One is the sinoatrial node, the other is the atriole ventricular node. Then there is the the bundle of His, and the Purkengie fibers.
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What are the two types of nervous tissue?

neurons (brain cells) & neuroglia (support) --------------------------------------------------- . Multipolar Neurons (3+ processes) They are the most common neuron type in humans (more than 99% of neurons belong to this class) and the major neuron type in the CNS Bipolar Neurons Bipolar neu (MORE)

What does nervous tissue do?

Nerve tissue conducts signals from body parts through the spinal cord to the brain. The brain also sends signals back to all body parts. 1.Sensory input 2.Integration 3. Controls of muscles and glands 4.Homeostasis 5.Mental Activity It directs and controls movement. Nervous tissue contains various t (MORE)

Functions of the nervous tissue?

1.Sensory input 2.Integration 3. Controls of muscles and glands 4.Homeostasis 5.Mental Activity sex control mind control sex sex sex sex i am pregnant

What is nervous tissue?

Nervous tissue is the main component of the two parts of thenervous system which are the brain and spinal cord of the centralnervous system. It is also the main component of the branchingperipheral nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which regulatesand controls bodily functions and activity.

What is the function of nervous tissue?

Nervous tissue sense stimuli and transmits signals from one part of an animal to another. The functional unit of the nervous tissue is the neuron, or nerve cell, which has a unique structure that is specialized to transmit signals called nerve impulses. A nerve cell consists a body and two or more e (MORE)

What are the characteristics of nervous tissue?

Nerve tissue consists of nerve cells, nerve fibers, dendrites, andneuroglia. It is packed closely together and most are stronglybranching. Its function are to regulate and control body processes.

Where is the nervous tissue located in the heart?

Sympathetic innervation of the heart is from cardiac accelerator nerves descending from the uppermost thoracic sympathetic ganglia and the cervical sympathetic ganglia. Parasympathetic innervation comes from the vagus nerve (Cranial Nerve X). These nerves continue into the walls of the heart and pro (MORE)

Location of the nervous tissue?

The peripheral nervous system is composed of sensory neurons and the neurons that connect them to the nerve cord, spinal cord and brain, which make up the central nervous system

The purpose of nervous tissue is?

Nervous tissue's main purpose is to react to stimuli and sendimpulses to various organs in the body which then return and relaya direct response to stimulus. Nervous tissues are made up ofmillions of nerve cells which are known as neurons.

Does ectoderm form nervous tissue?

That is correct. In case of the embryo, you have three layers, in initial period. The cells from the ectoderm enter the mesoderm to form the neural tube. So the neural tube is formed by invagination of the ectoderm in the mesoderm. Your nervous system is developed from this neural tube. In vertebr (MORE)

Function of nervous tissues?

General All living cells have the ability to react to stimuli. Nervous tissue is specialised to react to stimuli and to conduct impulses to various organs in the body which bring about a response to the stimulus . Nerve tissue (as in the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves that bra (MORE)

Fatty tissue in the nervous system?

Yes, fatty tissue is in the nervous system. Without fatty tissue being in the nervous system, you may be a target for serious medical problems that could be fatal.

Is the heart a tissue?

The heart is an organ made up of tissue. Body tissue is another name for the cells you are made of.

Nervous tissue consists mainly of?

Nervous tissue consists mainly of nerve cells and glial cells.Glial cells are the most abundant cell types in the central nervoussystem.

Is the brain nervous tissue?

Yes. The brain is composed of two kinds of nerve cells neurons (which are either afferent, interneurons, or efferent) and neuroglia (which has several subtypes).

Is a heart a tissue?

No, it is an organ, because it is made out of lot of tissues like muscle tissue, connective tissue, etc.

What is the primary function of nervous tissue?

To relay sensory information to the brain for interpretation and motor information to the muscles for voluntary or involuntary control. Nervous tissue also fulfills many other roles, like innervating organs that may release hormones.

General characteristics of nervous tissue?

There are several characteristics of nervous tissue that make themeasy to identify. Nervous tissue is made of many cells packedclosely together, and most are strongly branching. There are twomain groups of cells: the neurons, and the glial cells. You willfind nervous tissue in the brain and spinal c (MORE)

Explain the difference between muscle tissue and nervous tissue?

Nervous tissue is composed of nerves containing neurons, specialized cells. Muscle tissue contains myocytes, which have completely different structure than neurons. Also, muscle is organized in many fibers covered by connective tissue; these fibers build up stronger fibers etc. Neural tissue has dif (MORE)

What is the difference between nervous tissue and the nervous system?

Nervous tissue is made up of different cells working together toperform a given function -- in this case, to carry messages fromone part of the body to another. Different nervous tissues workingtogether make up nervous system organs, such as nerves, the spinalcord, or the brain. These organs work to (MORE)

What muscle tissue is the tissue of the heart?

Cardiac muscle is found in the heart. The other two types of muscle are smooth and striated (skeletal) muscle. Cardiac muscle, the third kind of muscle (the other two being skeletal and smooth muscle.

What are the differences between Muscular tissue and nervous tissue?

The differences between these two tissue types is nervous tissues use electrical impulses to carry out their function while on the other hand muscle tissues rely on contracting of muscles to carry out their functions. Also nerve tissues are formed up from nerve cells called neurons whereas muscles t (MORE)

What is nervous tissue vaccine?

The nerve tissue vaccines are no longer available due to poor efficacy and life threatening adverse effect of neuroparalytic reactions. The currently available vaccines are the modern tissue culture vaccines (MTCV) and include Purified Chick Embryo Cell (PCEC) vaccine, Human Diploid Cell Vaccine (HD (MORE)

Where is the nervous tissue found in livestock?

Livestock is pretty much enervated the same way as a human. Brain, spinal column, major, and minor nerve branches all the way to the pain receptors in the skin, autonomic and voluntary nervous systems. (Would be nice if I didn't get logged out in mid answer.)

What are Heart Tissue?

The heart is a muscle, and as such has multiple tissues. The maintissue is cardiac muscle cells. These are striated, branched musclecells held together with intercalated discs. Connective tissueforms a sac around the heart, and epithelial tissue forms bloodvessels within the heart. Therefore, the he (MORE)