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Widows are eligible to begin drawing retirement benefits on their late husband's earnings record at age 60 if they have not remarried before that time. Disabled widows are eligible at 50.

A widow may draw survivors' benefits at any age if she is raising the decedent's dependent minor children who are under age 16. The children should also qualify for separate survivor benefits.

Please call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 to speak with a representative about your specific situation.
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Do you have to pay taxes on social security if your husband works?

If you received income from sources other than Social Security, your benefits will not be taxed unless your modified adjusted gross income is more than the base amount for you

Can you collect on your ex-husbands social security?

If you remain unmarried you will be able to collect on your ex  husband's social security. This becomes null and void if you  remarry however. A case worker from the Social

Can you collect social security from your divorced husband if your husband remarries?

A person can receive benefits as a divorced spouse on a former spouse’s Social Security record if they meet certain criteria. Those criteria being they were married to the f

Can you draw social security for a deceased husband?

No. You need to report his death to Social Security. If you have been cashing the checks for a while, think about it. Reporting the death and dealing with it now is FAR better

How do you collect your alimony when your ex-husband collects Social Security?

Social Security Disability benefits are exempt from any debt collection except for child support obligations. SS benefits can in some cases be garnished for spousal maintenanc

What do you need to draw your deceased ex husbands social security?

You will need his birth certificate, his social security card, his employment income prior to his death and his death certificate. You also will need to show proof of your mar

Can you collect from your ex-husbands Social Security if he is still living?

Yes. You are eligible to draw retirement benefits against a living ex-spouse's work record if you are at least 62 years old, were married 10 years or more, are not currently m

How do I find out if my husband has two social security numbers?

  Under normal circumstances a private party would not be allowed access to Social Security information of another person, even their spouse as the SSA, the IRS and other

If your husband and you both draw Social Security and he dies can you draw a portion of his Social Security?

Social Security  rules and regulations, and legislation, vary according to the area  in which you live and use these services.    You will need to contact your local

Can a wife draw on husbands Social Security if he died before age 62?

Not until she her self reaches age 60 unless she has children at home under age 18. There is always the possibilities she could draw Disability if unable to work. Some women g

Can you draw on your deceased Ex husbands Social Security?

Yes, if you were married for at least 10 yrs. you can draw your deceased ex-husband's social security, but there are some stipulations. If your ex-husband died at or after his

Are you entitled to get social security benefits from your deceased ex-husband?

Most widows are eligible to receive benefits for a period of time from Social Security when their husband dies. You should also be eligible to receive the death benefit paymen

Can you collect on your husbands social security?

Whether or not a woman can collect on her husbands social security depends on several factors. First, she has to be old enough or disabled. Second, she has to have been marrie