Can you get a car loan with an open chapter 13 bankruptcy?

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Perhaps, but the terms will not be favorable, most especially the rate of interest. It is also a requirement when in a Chapter 13 repayment bankruptcy, that all major financial transactions have the apporval of the bankrutpcy trustee.
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Can you get a car loan with an open chapter 7 bankruptcy?

No--one- the lenders will see the bankruptcy and ask for the discharge date, and two if the bankruptcy court finds out you are applying for credit--this could stop the whole p

Can you get a small business loan after you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf you are asking if you can get a loan due to credit issues, then the answer is "yes" so long as your credit score and debt-to-income ratio are sat

Can a person in chapter 13 bankruptcy sell a car that has a loan while still in bankruptcy?

The short answer is yes. Of course, BK or not, to sell a car that has a loan means you must pay off the loan. And, it is unlikely anyone will give you another now. That actu

Can you get student loans while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

While they cannot be discharged in BK, they can be incurred. But any change in financial circumstances, any new debt, MUST be approved by the BK administrator...or not only

Can you get a home loan while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy with a cosigner?

With or without a cannot get any loans, or change any of your financial resposnibilities (especially making new ones) without the approval of the administrator

Can you get a new car loan while paying a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

First not without approval of your can't change any financial things without agreements YOU made to have them take control of what you couldn't handle.

How difficult is it to get a car loan after being discharged from chapter 13 bankruptcy?

It's fairly easy to buy a nice used car after you've been discharged from bankruptcy; there are companies that send mailings to these people offering them car loans. You'll

Get a car loan with an open chapter 13?

Assuming you mean, can you get a car loan if you are in a Chapter 13, the answer is yes. You must have a contract for the purchase and loan with all elements determined (no bl

Can a title loan be deducted in chapter 13 bankruptcy I have a title loan on my car and am filing chapter 13 - but the trustee is objecting based on re Ransom?

Sure the trustee is objecting. Because you are making payments on your car, Ransom v. America Bank , means the amount of money you would be required to pay would be less than