Can you move in with another family member if you are under 18?

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Depends on the state your in and the situation.
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In North Carolina at what age can you move out of your parents' home and live with another family member?

North Carolina (and every other state for that matter) considers anyone under the age of 18 to be a minor. As a minor, your parents have the control/authority to decide where

Can you legally move in with another family member at the age of sixteen?

Answer . As long as your parents have legal custody of you, they have the authority to decide where you live until you reach the age of majority (usually 18, but in some st

Another word for family members?

Siblings: brothers and sisters Example: my sibling and I are twins. Relative: any member of a family Example: I'm going to Louisiana to see my relatives, Aunt Teresa and Unc

How do you move out if you are under the age of 18?

you can move out in Missouri at age 17 the parents have no say so over it you are a legal adult in Missouri at 17...i did it ..i have personal experience you don't have to wai

Can you collect unemployment if you have to move to another state because a family member is sick?

Because each state makes their own determination on eligibility, some allow it while others do not. It's best to check with your own state's employment security office for cla
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Can a 14 year old girl move in with another family member?

Legally speaking, the parents of a 14 year old are responsible for that child's welfare. If the parents don't object to her moving in with an older sister or an aunt or someth