Can you see an electron?

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No. It is far, far too small to be "seen" in any way in which we "look" at other stuff. Light, which is the medium for seeing things in the normal sense, is too "large" for the tiny electrons. We see things because the things we are looking at reflect light. The reflected light is what we form images with. Electrons are too tiny to reflect light. They are more likely to be "bumped around" by the light photons.
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How Can see electron?

Electrons are too small to see, however one can detect them by their effects on other things.

Why cant you see electrons?

they are very very very small like atoms and neutrons. Here is another example: Imagine an air molecule bigger than you that is about 55000 times the size of mount Everest

What can you see under a electron microscope?

An electron microscope can only operate inside a vacuum chamber. A good vacuum, needed so that electrons do not collide with air molecules or dirt before reaching the sample a

If there are no electrons can you see a nucleus?

If electron is not there,there is no electromagnetic field(no Space actually).so there is no life(nothing can exist).But through imagination you can see the nucleus and you ca