Can you solder a threaded copper fitting?

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How do you solder copper pipe?

You clean both surfaces to be joined with a circular steel brush, then heat and 'tin' each piece, with the larger piece being second. When the larger piece is tinned and still

How do you solder a copper pipe end?

Clean the end of the pipe and whatever kind of fitting you are putting on it with either steel wool or fine sandpaper. Put flux on both pieces covering all the surface where t

Can you solder a brass fitting to copper?

Certainly look up Flagg Flow T.P Fittings T.P thread-less copper fittings will FIT on schedule 40/80 /120 Brass pipe Ideally it should be brazed but soldering will hold dom

Why copper is not used for soldering?

You can't use it because it has the same melting point as the pipe you are trying to seal. It just will not work. What you use has to have a lower melting point than what you

How do you solder brass and copper?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and the same soldering procedure can be used to solder each. As long as the base metal is cleaned of oxide and properly fluxed there sho

How do you prepare copper pipes or fittings for soldering?

Clean the ends of the pipe and the fitting with either a wire brush for the size pipe, sand paper or emery cloth or steel wool. It really doesn't matter as long as you get rid

Can you use soldering copper pipe fittings for gas?

It is not a good idea to use copper pipe with natural gas as any sulphur compounds in the gas can cause an oxide to form in the copper pipe. Often copper is used with propan