Can you still download apps onto ipod touch if it is jailbroken?

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Yes, you can still download apps and music on itunes
You could go onto Cydia and download some stuff (Installous=Free apps and dTunes=Free music
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How do you get Apps onto an Ipod touch?

if you are starting an itouch, then plug it into a computer. Then go to itunes website (which is and type in mac download in the search area then download. 4 me it took about 3 minutes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- or if u are talking about games, then go to the games app, find a free app, make sure you have wi-fi connection at ur location and press download. Take note that you need a itunes account (if you don't go to and make one, it's free and fast). YOu don't need to put in personal information just a account.

How do you download apps on the ipod touch?

On the first page or in your case the only page of your itouch there is a little sign that says app store and its a little blue square. Oh and you need to have a itunes account so hook it up to your cp first.

How do you download apps to your ipod touch?

Its Simple!!! Al you gotta do is connect your ipod to the internet through the settings menu (type it into youtube some friendly guy/gal will tell you how) then launch the app store from your home screen and download apps some are free but the ones you pay for you have 2 options: 1:get a app store giftcard 2:pay through credit card then launch your app from the homescreen updates come out regularly so keep an eye out

How do you download apps onto my ipod touch?

There are two ways: . 1. First download the apps onto your computer using iTunes. Plug in your iPod to your computer, open iTunes, and set the sync settings so that you can download apps to it, sync your iPod and you should see the apps on there.. 2. Go to the app store on your iPod and download them from there. Both require an iTunes account.

If you downloaded a new version to your jailbroken ipod touch will it still be jailbreaked?

If you are referring to a new firmware when you say "a new version" then no, it will no longer be jailbroken and will require you to jailbreak it once more. If you are asking this in relation to the 4.0 firmware you can still jailbreak it using a jailbreak tool called Redsn0w which can also allow you to not only install Cydia, but also enable multitasking, enable springboard (background) wallpaper, alter your boot logo, alter your recovery logo, and/or toggle a "verbose boot". It is a very good software, but please take the time to watch a tutorial/instructional video before attempting to use it should it be your first time.

How do you download free apps after you have jailbroken your ipod touch?

You can use Cydia to download jailbreak specific apps to add further functionality to your jailbreak. However, if by "free apps" you mean apps which are usually paid for in the App Store then this is illegal and a form of piracy. This type of question cannot be answered on WikiAnswers.