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Can you use Voltaren gel to help relieve back pain in your dog?

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No! My vet said if my dog even licked a little bit of it she would have to induce vomiting and call poison control. I am supposed to use but am afraid to. My little dog licks everything!
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Do dense foam mattresses help relieve back pain?

Answer   Yes... About as well as water beds do. The weight is distributed  more evenly due to the lack of certain bony areas supporting  greater weight on said points. A

What streches help relieve lower back pain?

As a general statement, the very best back stretches to relieve lower back pain are those that correct or improve a particular problem an individual has that is causing back p

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How do you relieve back pain?

If it's bad enough that you can't walk, you might consider going to the ER. However, one thing to always remember is to NEVER ask up front for pain meds, no matter how bad the

What is a good pain reliever for dogs?

There are no safe human medications to give to dogs - the over-the-counter pain medications (aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, the generics, etc.) are all toxic and can cause fa

Do high heels help relieve lower back pain?

Definitely not! In fact, they cause it and will make it worse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am only answerin

Does cosequin relieve pain for dogs?

Yes, at least for some dogs. Make sure to look for the chewable tablets, they're a lot easier to administer than the capsules. See the related link.

Will back surgery relieve your back pain?

Unfortunately, there is no absolute or sure way to get an answer to your question unless you actually have the back surgery to learn if you do or do not get back pain relief f

What is a safe pain reliever for a dog?

  Our vet told us we could give our dog 1/2 or 1/4 of a piece of Tylenol for her joints. I would ask your vet before you give your dog anything.

Can voltaren gel be used for lower back pain?

  I am not a medical professional at all. I am simply a patient who was Rx'ed Voltaren for back pain.   The pain covers a large area of my lower back and left side/hip

What relieves lower back pain?

Somatics exercises relieves back pain by targeting the brain's motor cortex to reset the resting levels of the muscles. We've known since 1680 that pandiculations bring the mu

Pain relievers for dogs?

i give mine Tylenol (Not a Wise Choice! ) A better safer dose Vet recommended is: 325mg of Buffered Aspirin 1 every 4 to 6 hours. For pain, inflammation and swelling, helps wi