Can you use a down draft as an updraft furnace?

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yes u can if u are good with duct work put a down draft furnace in a basement and pipe it up one floor well not recommended it will work i did this to help a lady get threw winter who had low funds and it has worked quite well u need to build a custom box for the furnace to sit on to make this work and pipe directly from box and use smallest duct work u can i.e mobile home duct work or 4 to 6 inch

What you did is still a downdraft furnace
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What was the biggest bird that ever lived my mom said there was an extinct bird that used updrafts to get into the air and glide down slowly.She said they were so big that you could ride them.?

Your Mom was talking about the Argentavis Magnificens, a type of prehistoric condor and one of the largest birds ever to exist. That bird had a wingspan of 20 feet and weighed

What is an updraft?

\nA current of air which is moving upwards - generally because it is warmer than the air above it.

What are down drafts?

Downdrafts are damaging winds on or near the ground. They are called downbursts or microbursts if caused by a thunderstorm which they usually are

What is a furnace draft?

The air flow up your chimney that carries the products of combustion (flue gases) out of your house.

Can a down draft furnace be mounted on its side or back?

I'm assuming that by "down draft furnace" you mean a counterflow or downflow furnace. This furnace takes its "cold air return" at the top, and blows the warm air out the botto

What is the effect of positive furnace draft on boiler?

if increase the pressure in positive way. the furnace's life degrades rapidly moreover you are getting back pressure / fire from fuel feed door similarly exit the air in gaps

How do you use updraft in sentence?

The word updraft is a description for the way that something ismoving. This is an example sentence. The wind created an updraftthat blew up my skirt.
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What removes the combustion gases from a balanced draft furnace?

A balanced draft has both ID and FD fans. ID Fan works by pulling the gases through the furnace hence creating the required draft. Where as FD fan pushes the gases into the