Can you use a down draft as an updraft furnace?

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yes u can if u are good with duct work put a down draft furnace in a basement and pipe it up one floor well not recommended it will work i did this to help a lady get threw winter who had low funds and it has worked quite well u need to build a custom box for the furnace to sit on to make this work and pipe directly from box and use smallest duct work u can i.e mobile home duct work or 4 to 6 inch

What you did is still a downdraft furnace
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How does an updraft form?

An updraft is rising air inside a cloud. An updraft is formed bywarm air rising into the cooler air above it.

What was the biggest bird that ever lived my mom said there was an extinct bird that used updrafts to get into the air and glide down slowly.She said they were so big that you could ride them.?

Your Mom was talking about the Argentavis Magnificens, a type of prehistoric condor and one of the largest birds ever to exist. That bird had a wingspan of 20 feet and weighed about 150 pounds. This report should tell you some facts.\n. \n,2933,287846,00.html?sPage=fnc (MORE)

Do hurricanes have an updraft?

Yes, hurricanes may have an updraft. The most severe storms cancause a flat updraft, which causes the hurricane to build speed.

What are the names of the furnaces used in glassblowing?

Modern glassblowing involves three furnaces.. 'The Furnace' holds the molten glass. . 'The Glory Hole' reheats the glass between molding/blowing processes. . 'The Annealer' is a 'cooling furnace'. The cooling strengthens the final product.

Down draft kiln?

A down draft kiln is a furnace where the flue (exit for burned gases) is the located near bottom of the fire box. This type of furnace requires a tall chimney to produce enough draft (or air flow) and typically produces even heat distribution through out the fire box.

What is an updraft?

\nA current of air which is moving upwards - generally because it is warmer than the air above it.

What are down drafts?

Downdrafts are damaging winds on or near the ground. They are called downbursts or microbursts if caused by a thunderstorm which they usually are

What is a furnace draft?

The air flow up your chimney that carries the products of combustion (flue gases) out of your house.

How thyristor used in induction furnace?

Thyristor is used for Rectifiying and inverting the power supply in induction furnace.. The parallel Resonance Coils (Current Control Furnaces) Control the Furance power up to 40% by controlling the firing angle of the rectifier inverter and remaining 60% controlled by inverter thyristor control.. (MORE)

What is the waste gas in the Blast Furnace used for?

It is mostly carbon monoxide and nitrogen gases which has some heating value. So it is typically recovered and mixed with natural gas, &/or coke oven gas and used in boilers for steam or other steel heating furnaces for further processing of steel.

What is mud gun used in blast furnace?

Mudgun is hydraulically operated machine that is used to close the tap hole of the blast furnace after draining out the metal / slag from the furnace from time to time. It is heavy equipment and the most critical of all the equipments used in blast furnace. The failure of the machine will lead to s (MORE)

Useful volume of blast furnace?

\nUseful Volume of Blast Furnace is the volume of the furnace from the throat level to the level where the taphole is placed. This is known the way basically because that is the region where the useful products from Blast furnace are present.

What raw materials are used in a blast furnace?

Iron ore or Haematite (Fe3O2), Carbon in the form of 'Coke', and Limestone (Calcium Carbonate 'CaCO3') are all used in the blast furnace. Iron Ore is melted down with coke, the coke burns heat into the furnace. Oxygen gas is blasted in from the sides. The carbon (C) and oxygen (O2) react to form car (MORE)

What are the uses and principles of muffle furnace?

Muffle furnaces are most often utilized in laboratories as a compact means of creating extremely high temperature atmospheres. They can be fine turned to hold very accurate and stable temperatures with very little variance. They are used to test the characteristics of materials at these extremely hi (MORE)

Why is iron from a blast furnace not very useful?

The iron produced by a blast furnace, called pig iron, is not very useful. It is about 96% iron and contains impurities, mainly of carbon. This makes pig iron very brittle. However, we can treat the iron from the blast furnace to remove some of the carbon.

Can a down draft furnace be mounted on its side or back?

I'm assuming that by "down draft furnace" you mean a counterflow or downflow furnace. This furnace takes its "cold air return" at the top, and blows the warm air out the bottom (typically, into ductwork that runs under the floor). Older downflow furnaces were dedicated to that configuration, and co (MORE)

What is the effect of positive furnace draft on boiler?

if increase the pressure in positive way. the furnace's life degrades rapidly moreover you are getting back pressure / fire from fuel feed door similarly exit the air in gaps between insulation brick it leads to chance of collapse brick wall easily ref this page describes very clearly http://www.bri (MORE)

How do you use updraft in sentence?

The word updraft is a description for the way that something ismoving. This is an example sentence. The wind created an updraftthat blew up my skirt.

Who played in the movie Down Draft?

Vincent Spano as Jack, Kate Vernon as Alexa, Paul Koslo as Gen.Devlin, John Novak as Standish, William S. Taylor as Rudy, SandraP. Grant as Babe, John Pyper-Ferguson as Spike, Sean Fuller asHawkins, Jan Nemejovsky as Doc and Michael Splechta as Mikey. If you would like more names, visit IMDB.

How does a dentist use an electric arc furnace?

asked this same question on yahoo answers, got this response: This piece of equipment is more commonly used in a dental laboratory. It would be used in production of things such as porcelain fused to metal(PFM) crowns or metal framework in dentures. Anything that would require metal (MORE)

What is use of mud carbon in blast furnace?

Preheated blast air blown into the furnace reacts with the carbon in the form of coke to produce carbon monoxide and heat. The carbon monoxide then reacts with the iron oxide to produce molten iron and carbon dioxide. Hot carbon dioxide, unreacted carbon monoxide, and nitrogen from the air pass up t (MORE)

Did the US Marshall's Service actively do surveillance and track down Vietnam draft dodgers who stayed in the US?

Federal Law Enforcement agents were given 8x10 head/facial photos of their wanted men. They'd knock on your door, hold the picture up in front of your face and say, "Are you Mr. John Doe?" You'd reply yes, they'd respond, "is this you?" You'd say yes. They would then cuff you up, or chain you (with (MORE)

Where does carbon that is used in a blast furnace come from?

Coal, distilled in a retort to expel the volatile content and leave the carbon as a spongy-looking solid called "coke". \n. (Strange - there are several versions of this question, suggesting to me poor teaching or text-books that focus only on the chemistry and not the overall process, purpose and (MORE)

Why sinter is used in blast furnace?

Sintering has two reasons: 1- You want to put in the blast furnace an homogeneous mix of fluxand mineral. 2- You want something with a lot of pores. So the reductor gas canmake contact with a lot of surface.

Why use barometric damper on wood furnace?

A Barometric Damper when used properly will help regulate the draft. This in return will allow for better combustion, longer burns and less fuel to be used. One problem with a Barometric Damper is the chimney will run a little cooler due to the introduction of room air. If the unit isn't being burne (MORE)

How much electricity does an oil furnace use?

As the heat is coming from the burning oil, the furnace itself technically uses none. Assuming you have a central heating system that forces hot air through ducts to vents throughout the house (as opposed to old-fashioned steam radiators) it only requires a few watts to run the blower fan. Radiato (MORE)

What is an updraft tower?

An updraft tower is the place in a Cumulus cloud in which an updraft goes up at a constant rate, until the dissipation process occurs or either the entire cloud, or just a part of a cloud itself.

What removes the combustion gases from a balanced draft furnace?

A balanced draft has both ID and FD fans. ID Fan works by pulling the gases through the furnace hence creating the required draft. Where as FD fan pushes the gases into the furnace. Hence in a balanced draft frunace, the ID fan can said to be removing the combustion gases.

What is down draft paint booth?

air in the booth enters from the ceiling and exits thru the floor ( the draft is moving down in a side draft booth air would exit thru the walls

Can anthill clay be used for furnace construction?

Short answer is probably yes, long answer is... there are more practical materials, like fire bricks. Should be lots of good online info on furnace/kiln/foundry construction; eg: there's tons of people doing DIY low cost backyard metal casting, getting up to iron melting temps with home made foundri (MORE)

What size breaker do you use for a furnace?

It depends on the rating of the furnace. There should be a plate or sticker somewhere on the furnace that shows the rating. If you are just powering a blower motor the rating will be lower than if you have an electric heating element.

How do you use a furnace in minecraft?

craft it by putting cobblestone in every spot in a crafting table except the middle and then place it somewhere, right click on it and you will see three boxes the top one is what your smelting/cooking and the bottom is what powers it, coal is usually used for this, the last box on the right is what (MORE)

Why is iron from blast furnace not very useful?

Hot air is blasted into the furnace causing coke (carbon) to burn rapidly and raise the temperature to 2000 °C. carbon + oxygen carbon dioxide + heat. C(s) + O2(g) CO2(g) The carbon dioxide then reacts with hot carbon to form carbon monoxide. carbon dioxide + carbon carbon monoxide (MORE)

How do you turn down the Fan Speed on a N9MP2075B12A3 Furnace?

You Can't Change the Speed. Another Answer: That depends on the motor that is used in the furnace and whether it is belt drive or direct drive. Many direct drive fan motors have multiple winding connections, allowing you to change the fan speed by changing the connection to the windings. To do (MORE)

How many watts does a gas furnace use?

the older furnaces would draw 700 watts plus depending on the size of the blower. the newer furnaces with variable speed blowers can draw as little as 100 watts

What is the fuel used for gas furnace?

Often it is propane, gasoline, or other natural gases. Still, anything that can like can be fuel, with the gas just fueling the fire; there are numerous fire types.

How do you use a furnace Minecraft pocket?

Once you've played your furnace in the desired location, tap it to open it up. In the interface, the bottom slot is your fuel slot. You can throw most wooden blocks or items in this slot to use as fuel for smelting and cooking. Any items or blocks you have in your inventory that will go in the fuel (MORE)

What do you use for fuel for a furnace on mine craft?

Here is a full list of fuel. Number of items smelted with one unit listed Coal-8 Charcoal-8 Wood-1.5 Wood Planks-1.5 Wood Slabs-1.5 Saplings-0.5 Wood Tools-1.5 Wood Pressure Plate-1.5 Sticks-0.5 Fence-1.5 Wooden Stairs-1.5 Trapdoor-1.5 Crafting Table-1.5 Bookshelves-1.5 Chests-1.5 Jukeboxes-1.5 Not (MORE)

What are the benefits of using a home furnace?

There are a number of potential benefits in using a home furnace. A natural gas burning furnace produces lower emissions than other forms of heating. It is said that homes heated through a furnace feel warmer than other methods.

What are industrial furnaces used for?

Industrial furnaces are used for heating large areas. They can be purchased new and used. Several hits as to where to purchase are Used Furnaces, Grieve Corp and Furnace Brokers.

Where would a coal furnace be used?

In order to find out about coal furnace one can go to the relevant website and get information. Also one can get more information from the library books about this issue. Alternatively one can consult an expert in this subject to get detailed information in this field.

Can you use kerosene in a fuel oil furnace?

Yes and no. An unmodified oil burner will burn far more kerosene than fuel oil for which it is designed. If you replace the nozzle with a smaller nozzle and adjust the air, using an orsatz [orsat gas analyzer], a device for determining the combustion efficiency of the flame, you will be able to use (MORE)

What is a spiral updraft?

A spiral updraught is a thermal (rising column of warm air) inwhich a bird, hand-glider or glider will circle (spiral) round into take full advantage of the rising warm air.