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Can you use peel and stick carpet on top of regular carpet?

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You would be better off buying a rug or a large piece of carpet remnant if you don't want to take the original carpet up. The peel and stick won't stick and you would end up with a tripping hazard.
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Why are maggots on top of your carpet?

Because it needs to be cleaned.....There are various types of degrading organic matter left behind on carpets and area rugs. For instance, skin that has slothed off from your

Can you install carpet on top of carpet?

It is generally not a recommended procedure. The abrasion of carpet on carpet will cause both layers to wear prematurely. Certain types of glue down carpet can be installed

How do you remove carpet glue from the top of carpet?

You can use a spot remover, but it might be better for the carpet, kids, and pets if you use a carpet steam cleaner that uses hot water. This will melt the glue and remove it

What is a carpet?

Is a base material with fibres weaved or sewn into the base material such as hessian. This is then used to cover floors for warmth and style.

How do you clean glow stick goo out of carpet?

You can get stain carpet remover and it comes out perfectly and if you don't have that try soap and water if that doesn't work then if your carpet is white you can use bleach

What does carpet do?

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