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Can you use registered trademark logos in your art work?

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It depends on the message you're trying to send.
  • "this company is evil and/or a figure of fun" may be defensible as commentary, but you'd need to be willing to defend it in court.
  • "this logo is cool" would require permission, and you never know how that's going to go.
  • "this company supports this art" would be considered fraudulent.
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Can you use The Steelers logo in art?

  No. that would be copy write infringement of a licensed item. You would need written permission from then to do that.

How do you make a registered trademark symbol?

Answer 1: A "registered" trademark symbol is the capital letter "R" with a circle around it. And it's always in superscript, to the immediate right of the word or phrase that

What company has registered trademark of Ethernet?

Ethernet was a trademark of Xerox Corp., which relinquished the  trademark when it was standardized by IEEE as IEEE 802.3. As it is  no longer a trademark, Ethernet no longe

What is needed to register a trademark?

    Answer     Each country has slightly different rules.     Generally you need to file an application form with several attachments, and a fee.  

What is difference between trademark and logo?

They're the same thing: a mark used in trade to identify a product or service. The word "trademark" however is more frequently used these days to refer to the law protecting l

What is the difference between a registered trademark and a trademark?

A registered trademark is one in which the owner has filed registration papers (and fees, samples, declarations, etc) with a state or federal agency, stating who owns the bran

Can you put trademark on logo?

  Answer   Yes, it is very common to create a logo for identification of your brand. In US practice the mere "use in commerce" of the logo in association with your go

What are the similarities in trademarks and registered trademarks?

A non-registered trademark is called 'common law trademark' in Canada and is typically implemented in order to show the intent to trademark. Unfortunately, common law trademar

What is difference between Logo and Trademark?

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either

Can an applicant register a trademark on the basis of either use or the intent to use the mark in commerce?

    No. Under US practice, an APPLICATION can be filed for intent to use (ITU), but a registration requires certified proof of ACTUAL use in U.S. commerce of the iden

Is Concorde a registered trademark?

There are a number of registered trademarks of the word Concorde. Of the 22 in the WIPO database, the oldest is the 1963 registration from Airbus, and the newest is from a Ger