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Can you use registered trademark logos in your art work?

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It depends on the message you're trying to send.
  • "this company is evil and/or a figure of fun" may be defensible as commentary, but you'd need to be willing to defend it in court.
  • "this logo is cool" would require permission, and you never know how that's going to go.
  • "this company supports this art" would be considered fraudulent.
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Can you use a registered trademark for different class?

If you own the registration in one class you must file an application to use the registration mark on the symbol when applied to goods or services in another class. If you

Do you have to stop using your logo if the trademark was denied?

Yes; the examiner has determined that there would be a likelihood of confusion between your mark and an existing mark. Neither you nor the owner of the existing mark would ben

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Can you use a trademark logo?

A few unlicensed uses have been judged to be fair use, but the vast majority of uses of another's trademark logo requires permission.
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What is a registered trademark used for?

A trademark signifies that a name, logo or piece of imagery has been registered with the United States Patent And Trademark Office. It designates ownership of a logo, design