Can you use your car as a trade to buy another car even if your name is not on the loan or bill of sale from the dealership?

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Sure. the dealer can accept anything he feels has value toward the, boats, art, etc.,...even work.
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Can you use a car as a trade in for your new car if the trade in is titled to your daughter and has an out standing loan signed by another person and your daughter agrees to the trade in?

Answer . your daughter would have to sign the release documents for her car.. As for the loan, whoever signed the loan would still have to pay the loan, regardless. The l

Is it possible to trade in a car and buy a new one even if you are still paying off a loan for the original car?

Answer . \nYes. You have to make certain the dealership you're working with for the purchase of the new car is covering the entire amount owed on the old car. Also, whoe

When do most car dealerships have sales?

Answer . At the end of each month, especially the last day of the month, salesmen will pull out all the stops to make that last sale. . On a broader level, toward the end

What is the average amount dealerships make on the sale of a used car?

Answer . I actually sell cars and that is totally classified!!! Kidding. The average used car will gross between $1000 and $1500 which to be honest barely covers the bills

Bill of sale for used car?

Depending on which state you live in, you may be required to use a state approved bill of sale form. The state approved bill of sale forms typically require information such a

If you are buying the car can you trade it in for another?

You do have a grace period, if it is agreed upon by you and the seller, to return the purchased auto if you are not happy. At least that has been my experience in my own purch

Why would a car dealership not have the title for the used car you purchased and does a Bill of Sale take the place of a title proving new ownership?

because most car dealers buy from auctions that give them a floor plan in other words they hold the title and give them a credit so that they can take the car on their lot and

How long do you have to cancel a loan when you buy a used car from a dealership in Kentucky?

According to Kentucky's Attorney General, you have no right to cancel the purchase of a used car in Kentucky. One trick to get around this is to cause your loan not to be fund