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Can you wire lighting fictures to receptical circuits?

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Yes as long as you stay within your local code. Usually a combination of lights and receptacles cannot exceed ten total. Do not wire any light to a circuit that requires a dedicated circuit, such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.
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Why it is necessary to have an earth wire installed in a power circuit but not in a lighting circuit?

Power circuit carries high power and costly devices. If there is  some unwanted power signal(noise) in the wire it can damage the  device. To reduce this effect earth is nec

Can you use a 15 amp receptable on a 20 amp circuit?

In the United States this is acceptable provided it is at least a  duplex receptacle or it is not the only receptacle on the circuit.  A 15A receptacle will only allow devic

Can electrical wiring interfere with cell phone reception?

  Electrical wiring with current flowing through it produces an electromagnetic field. That magnetic field can interfere with other electromagnetic radiation, such as the

What do wires do in a circuit?

They complete the ckt. Without wires/conductors of some sort, we couldn't connect all those other parts. They are connections between other parts of the circuit such as light

Why are houses wired with parallel circuits?

Because the supply voltage is common to each branch of a parallel circuit, each appliance receives its rated voltage which is necessary for the appliance to operate at its rat

Why would it be better for string of Christmas tree light to be wired in a parallel circuit?

The age old problem with series strung Christmas tree lights, is that if one bulb fails and goes open circuit, the circuit is broken and all the lights go off. There is gene

Can you wire a 15 Amp receptacle or socket outlet for a 15 Amp plug on a 30 Amp circuit And would this not work if you protected the receptical with a GFI plug?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies   No, it would not be safe. DON'T DO THIS!   If anything went wrong with an appliance plugged in
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How many wires in a circuit?

Just one! You'd never believe it but you only need one wire in a curcuit. unless things are stopping it then you need more. it depends on what materials you are using. my phys

Is the red wire the live or neutral in a lighting circuit?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60  Hertz supply service. Red for live and white for neutral.   Answer for the UK. Until the standard was changed to comply