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Can your bank sell your house without foreclosure date or auction?

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The are several legal steps a bank must follow before your house can be sold, assuming you are actually the owner but the bank holds a mortgage on the house.
0. The bank must notify you that you have missed a payment
1. The bank must issue a demand for payment in writing to you.
2. The bank must deliver to you or have delivered to you by the sheriff a legal notice of intent to foreclose. The notice must be published.
3. The bank must go to court and get a court order to foreclose.
4. legal notice of actual foreclosure must be published.
5. House is sold at auction to the highest bidder.
If you have any questions talk to the bank and/or consult a lawyer.
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If your mortgage company has received permission from the courts to foreclose and sell your home and the auction date is in six days can you file bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure?

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