Can your disability check be garnished?

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Yes, your disability check can be garnished. The reasons can be child support and taxes even across state lines. This happened to me. Yes I am speaking from experience not some law book or hear say. You have no protected income.

Can a Social Security disability check be garnished?

No. If a creditor other than the federal government tries to garnish your Social Security benefits, inform them that such an action violates Section 207 of the Social Security

Can disability checks from va be garnished?

The quick answer is No. VA Compensation can only be "attached" for federal tax purposes. It can also be Apportioned if dependents are not living with the veteran. The correct

In what states can your disability check be garnished?

can the state of maryland garnish my government disability check for back taxes owed the state of maryland ?no they cannot, disability or social security cannot be ga

Colorado garnish law for disability check?

Disability benefits are not subject to creditor garnishment. This law does not apply to child support or tax arrearages. Garnishment action for spousal maintenance depends upo

Can state disability check be garnished in ca?

It can be garnished by the federal government. Federal student loans, IRS debt, ect. Also if you owe back child support or alimony payments, it can be garnished. However, it c

Can Disability check be garnished for a student loan?

I have the same question and it took some time to get an answer...everthing I had read on the web for this question was an unrelenting "they can garnish and take anything." Ra

Can landlords garnish disability checks?

Not directly. However, in many states, if the landlord obtains a judgment (and a judgment is always necessary for any form a garnishment), the landlord may garnish your bank a

Can Sally Mae garnish your disability check?

Garnishment is a possibility, and disability checks are most likely not excluded. To avoid a situation like that, you have some options, which are explained on the Sallie Mae