Can your employer cancel your medical coverage before you have received any info about cobra coverage?

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Legally? no, your employer has 60 days to mail you information on COBRA policies they offer. Your policy from your employment will terminate 30 business days after your employment ends
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Can an employer require you to show confirmation of medical coverage before you can drop your existing insurance?

Yes,The way this was explained to me by my companies H.R. Dept. was the fear the company has of being sued. Say you get a nasty divorce, separation or some thing along them li

If temporary self-obtained insurance coverage ends a few weeks before employer coverage begins at a new job will there be any problems with the new policy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe answer depends on a few factors. If the self-obtained insurance is a HIPAA compliant plan (Creditable Coverage) and the gap between the tw

If my employer provides 100 percent medical coverage for myself and my spouse has family coverage including dental and vision through her job which can you use?

Answer . Use the one that is best for your purposes. There are many issues: which one does your doctor take, the hospital take, the lab take, etc. Which one has a big dedu

Can an employeer offer reimbursement for medical coverage and not offer to others with no coverage?

Answer . If I understand the question correctly the answer is yes. An employer can have a Health Reimbursement Arrangement as the mechanism to pay for employees health care

Do employers have to offer medical coverage to domestic partners?

Generally no, with a few exceptions. Some municipalities require that contractors doing business with the city provide domestic partner coverage to their workers. Employers th

Is COBRA health coverage a law?

COBRA is a law that requires an employer to allow a (former) employee to continue his/her group health insurance after the cessation of employment. The election to enroll in C