Can your ex husband keep your 8 year old daughter if he does not have a bedroom for her?

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If the child feels uncomfortable having limited privacy, then the issue should be discussed. If not, there seems to be no reason why it is not workable.
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What questions should you ask your 6-year-old daughter if you fear she is still being abused by your ex-husband that has already been investigated but not convicted of sexual abuse?

Answer . \nNever ask a direct question of a child who is suspected of having been abused.\nSuch issues are best handled by a professional counselor or medical personnel tra

Is it betrayal when your husband has a 49 year old daughter by his ex talks negatively about you to her mom and she tells him to listen to what the daughter is telling him because she's trying to help?

Answer . I wouldn't call it so much betrayal as the fact your husband needs to grow a backbone! He's allowing his daughter to control your lives and his ex to be an enabler

If your 8 year old daughter keeps disrespecting you and her adopted mom can you spank her and if so how should you do it?

Spanking never leads anywhere. You need to take away things she likes. I don't know what that is since I don't know her but you do. Take the computer away, phone and TV privil

Is it agaainst the law for your 16 year old daughter your 12 year old daughter and your 10 year old son to share the bedroom?

It is not against the law, but i would say to take the 10 year old boy out of the room. Two girls and one boy in a room doesn't sound good even if theya re related. And if you