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Can your stomach be almost flat during your pregnancy until the forth month along?

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Depending on your size and body shape before you got pregnant, it is a possibility. If you were thin before, you should start to show any day now. If you were a bigger woman, like myself, it could take up to 18 weeks + to even begin to look pregnant. Answer It's possible
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If this is your first pregnancy and your family and partner are not ready but you are almost 3 months along what can you do?

You keep the child! Abortions are NEVER the right way, there just a quick way out. But then it will always hunt you for ever. I have seen it happen and it is so sad to watch t

How do you get a flat stomach in a month?

Develop an abs routine that includes various crunches, bicycles,  and plank-the yoga pose. Do this in the morning and at night.    Answer:   If you diet properly,

How can you get a flat stomach in one month?

If you diet properly, figure on losing 1-2 pounds/week. More may beunsafe. . Note that attempting to reduce fat in just one part of your bodyat a time is likely to be disappo

How do you get flat stomach in two months?

There are special exercises you can do to loose belly fat, I am in the process of it now and I finally found something that seems to be working. Plenty of crunches, I found an

How do you get a flat stomach in two months?

  Depends on who you are. Well not really, for girls it's just less exercise than for a guys. Run at least 3 times a week. And run until you are very very tierd. I would

How can i get a flat stomach in a month?

hi, I'm 15. i play beach and court volleyball. I work out/play vball about 4 times a week. I aslo use my Wii Fit, and do three 1 minute wall sits (that doesn't really halp abs

Can you be flat stomach in 5 months?

I think you can because i have a graduation coming up in may. and plus we are going out of town,to ATL. i want to look good in my ehite dress, and er thang.But., yea i think t