Car wont start but starter clicks?

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The battery could be (almost) dead, or a battery cable could be lose. I would start by verying these. Also could be:

Seized engine
Bad starter
Bad starter solenoid
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Why wont your car start- Starter is less that a year old but it makes a whirring grinding noise not just a click but wont spin the engine?

From most to least likely: 1. Starter solenoid is not getting power 2. Starter solenoid is bad 3. Starter gear is stripped 4. Flywheel ring gear is stripped Age of

We changed the starter battery alt voltage regulator and starter relay the car is a 1984 mercury cougar and it will run for a day and then wont start and all you get is a clicking sound?

Answer . \ni would suggest checking the starter to see if the teeth are spinnig properly even though you replace sometimes the starter parts are faulty to check use a char

What would cause a car to click but wont start and you know for sure it is not your battery but you have a brand new starter?

first i would need to know what is clicking to be able to tell you what is not happeneing. what kind of car. if its a ford there is two selinoids and either one could be the p

When your battery is charged there is a clicking sound but the car wont start why is this?

with today cars there are several relays which are used to send electricity to certain parts of your electrical system, such as a fuel pump relay, or a starter relay. one thin

You replaced your starter in your 1993 grand am and your car wont start not ever a click from the starter why?

We had the same problem in our '97. Check that your battery is fully charged and working properly, also check that the alt is working. If both of these are in working order it

Your car wont start you here a clicking noise coming from somewhere near the glove box could it be your starter solenoid?

It may be the starter solenoid that is clicking.. If the battery is very low when you try to start the car, the solenoid will engage but the starter will not turn.. Because

If there is a starter click but your car want start what could be wrong?

One of a few things depending on the click.. If it makes consecutive clicks when you turn the key (click,click,click,click) then the odds are the battery is dead or in need o

What is wrong if the car starter wont start?

Could be flat battery - check with a good meter, it should show at least 11.9 volts at rest. Check both terminals are clean and tight. Check ground wire where it's bolted to t

Your car wont start but it makes a clicking sound?

In my experience if the car will not start and it is a rapid clicking sound when turning the ignition it indicates a dead battery. You'll need to get a jump and wait a few min

What happens when car wont start and makes clicking sound?

Check and see if any lights have been left on. If they have then you ran down the battery! You know it is the battery. Has the alternator light been on? If so, you should have