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You never know how many people are facing the same problem with a product or service. The ones who start a Class Action usually get the bigger chunk of the settlement. Came across this: SueEasy.com Apparently you can start a Class Action and if others join.. A class action lawsuit can easily be formed.
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Are insurance settlements taxable?

Generally settlements are not taxable. Some insurance payments are taxable in certain circumstances. Disability payments received on a policy that the premiums were completely

Are settlement proceeds taxable?

The IRS states that only settlements due to physical or emotional injury are non taxable, for instance if you received a settlement for mesothelioma. States however may tax s

Class action settlement?

Class action settlements benefit a group of people. They can be for a variety of reasons and there are a variety of types of class action lawsuits. Perhaps the most common typ

Are proceeds from a malpractice settlement taxable?

I am not an expert - but - for what it is worth, I would have thought they were not taxable, as they are not really earnings - they are payment to you to compensate for harm d

Is compensatory settlement taxable?

According to the IRS, compensatory damages you receive for personalphysical injury or sickness are not taxable. There are, however,instances when they are taxable so it is imp

Do people receive settlements from class action lawsuits?

If the person were a named party in the lawsuit then he or she would be entitled to an equal portion of the monetary recovery, whether it was a settlement agreement or a judgm

What is the Closson Class Action Settlement with Bank America?

After Wells Fargo v. Gutierrez, an action was filed against Bank of America alleging various unfair and deceptive business practices relating to the order in which they proces

Are settlements from auto accident taxable?

Depending on the state. In Georgia you are liable for state tax on money earned from an auto accident injury claim. Some states do not have state tax's or tax codes that would

What is this class action settlement suit?

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit in which one firm represent many different clients in the same claim. They are usually taken out against larger companies as they can bare