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Class action Settlement money is it taxable?

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You never know how many people are facing the same problem with a product or service. The ones who start a Class Action usually get the bigger chunk of the settlement. Came across this: SueEasy.com Apparently you can start a Class Action and if others join.. A class action lawsuit can easily be formed.
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Is a workman's comp settlement taxable in the state of Michigan?

In the state of Michigan, you do not have to pay federal or state  income tax on Workers' Compensation benefits. The amount of your  benefits will be 80 percent of your afte

Are insurance settlements taxable?

Generally settlements are not taxable. Some insurance payments are taxable in certain circumstances. Disability payments received on a policy that the premiums were completely

What is the Closson Class Action Settlement with Bank America?

After Wells Fargo v. Gutierrez, an action was filed against Bank of America alleging various unfair and deceptive business practices relating to the order in which they proces

If you cash in a insurance policy is the money taxable?

Any cash value beyond the total amount of premiums paid is mostlikely taxable at ordinary income tax rates. It also depends onownership, beneficiary (e.g. a Trust) but for mos

What is the amount allowed for non-taxable gifting money?

  $12,000 per year, per donor and donee. I can give $12,000 a year to as many different people as I choose. Any amount I pay for anyone else's educational and/or medical s

Is money received as a beneficiary from an estate taxable?

Money received as a beneficiary from an estate is not considered taxable. Money that is left on behalf of an estate is an inheritance and is considered to be tax free.

Class Action Lawsuit against the Knights of Columbus case no 96C4789 What was the Class Action lawsuit settlement against the Knights of Columbus .?

  Knights of Columbus to settle "vanishing premiums" lawsuit By Insure.com   The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal benefit society, has reached an agreement to

How long does it take to get your money after a class action lawsuit has settled?

It all depends. In many cases there will be a an appeal which can take a long time because the supreme court is overwhelmed with cases. Then if everything turns out, the compa

Are settlement proceeds taxable?

The IRS states that only settlements due to physical or emotional injury are non taxable, for instance if you received a settlement for mesothelioma. States however may tax se

Is retirement money taxable?

Social Security is only taxed if you have other income as well. If you have direct deposit, your Medicare part B will be removed for you. All other retirement is taxed dependi