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un g$n$rique d$roulant, un d$roulant
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What is the temperature in Finland at Christmas?

Depends on the year and which part of the country you're in. In Helsinki the average temperature in December is -5C (23F) to 0C (32F). In the northern part of Finland the temp

What is the zone of Thermal arrest?

Zone of thermal arrest is when water changes from liquid to ice it gives out 340 joules per gram in latent heat, due to this released heat the food's temperature does not chan

180C equals how many degrees F?

324 degrees Fahrenheit to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa use the following formulas: 9/5C=F and 5/9F=C

What is a verbal expression example?

For example you have w-1 a verbal expression for that algebraic expressionwould be a number decreased by 1. Another example is x+4 would be 4 more than a number. 5c is the pro

C equals -3 4c plus 5c-2 equals?

When c = -3 then 4c + 5c - 2 = [4 x -3] + [5 x -3] - 2 = -12 +(-15) - 2 = -12 -15 -2 = -29