Commonly used methods of indirect planet detection?

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The most common method use to detect planets involve measuring the change in light intensity of a star. By observing and measuring the light output of a star over a period of time, regular, periodic fluctuations in the intensity of the light output can indicate a planet orbiting the star. As the planet pass in front of the start, the measurable light is less.
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What are the methods for detecting and measuring extrasolar planets?

Radial velocity - Just like the star pulls on the planet, so does the planet pulls on the star - but only a bit. By observing a star for a long period one can detect periodica

Can a planet be detected using microlensing?

No because microlensing requires the object being to be producing alight source and a plant doesn't. Even if a planet were reflectinglight it wouldn't be enough to be seen.

What are the methods used to detect and measure extrasolar planets?

The easiest is to search for the drops in the measured brightness of their stars when some of the planets transit across them. Not all planets do this however. This will tell
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