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Como se dice Dia de muertos o dia de los muertos?

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Dia de los muertos
Se dice Day of the Dead.
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How does Brazil celebrate dia de los muertos?

Brazil does not have Dia de los Muertos. Brazil speaks Portuguese and not Spanish. Brazil celebrates Dia de Finados (which technically translates as Day of the Dead as well,

What culture influenced the celebration of dia de los muertos?

Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) is most closely associated  with Mexican culture, where it originated. However, it is  celebrated throughout Latin America and in ot

Why do they celebrate dia de los muertos?

Dia de los muertos is a festival to honor the dead. People place flowers, cigarretes, candies, pictures, candles, and other religious objects on graves or memorials of family

What do the calaveras of dia de muertos means?

Answer   It means the death people of family next to us, we used to have calaveras on our dia de muertos and paste at the top a label with the name, it can be of sugar

Why dia de muertos is important?

Dia de los Muertos is an important holiday because it gives Mexican citizens the opportunity to remember those who have passed and invite them into their houses for a night.

Que se celebra en el dia de los muertos?

es una celebracion mexicana en donde se celebra a todos los difuntos tambien coincide con las celebracion catolica llamada dia de todos los Santos y dia de los difuntos en don

What other name is Dia de los Muertos known as?

It is Mexico's Day of the Dead . It is celebrated on November1 (All Saints' Day as recognized by the Catholic Church) andNovember 2 (All Souls' Day as recognized by the Catho

When did dia de los muertos start?

When does dia de los muertos start? November first begins the Dia de los Muertos (also known as "Day of the Dead") festivities with All Saints Day in which the deceased chil

In what country is Dia de los muertos is celebrated?

It is mostly celebrated in Mexico, but not exclusive to it: mostCatholic countries have a variation of Day of the Dead, includingSpain, Portugal, Philippines, as well as sever