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Could pain on right knee cause numbness on big toe?

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Usually it is a nerve compression in the L4-5 Lumbar spine area.
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What could cause numbness in your right foot and lower leg also constant cramping pain in your right big toe?

I wish I knew because my right is from below the knee on the outside area of the , down to my ankle over across the top of my then the tops of my toes, (especially the big to

What could cause numbness in your right small toe?

  Answer   Could be a contusion,too tight or wrong shoes,infected nailbed, or diabetes to name a few? To learn more about how diabetes can cause numbness and tinglin

What could cause numbness in right great toe for 3 days?

  You could have sprained it, injured the nerve or it is swollen for some reason. Try massaging it and if it hurts, ice it periodically for 15 minutes at a time. You might

I have pain in right big toe?

Bummer.     you may have an ingrown toe nail. that really is a bummer. sorry dude.     If it is red, swollen and painful at the side of your toenail it is most l

What causes Numbness and pain in left big toe?

I had exactly that four years ago when I gave up smoking and started putting on weight. The numbness grew in both feet and up the leg over the years, now I have it in my finge