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Could women read and write back in the middle ages?

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AnswerMost women couldn't. Neither could most men.
Only the people with alot of money learned it, as there were few teachers to teach it.  MoreThere is a link below to the related question, "What sort of education did they receive in the medieval period?" There is some discussion of education and women at that question.
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How did writing and reading exist in the middle ages?

  In early modern Europe, reading and writing was basically exclusive to the clergy. It was the job of monks and priests to transcribe books by hand and to spread the word

How did they write dates back in the middle ages?

by using feather pens and a bowl with ink ====== Answer: I believe you are asking how dates were calculated rather than the mechanics of how they were written down. The answer

Women writing about their lives in the middle ages?

Diaries, memoirs, and autobiographies were uncommon in the middle ages; I know of only a few by men and fewer by women. The Alexiad, a history of the reign of the Byzantine

What do middle aged women read?

Middle Aged women read the same things other people do; Mysteries, Spy stories, Thrillers, Romances, Westerns, you name it. Or not. Some middle aged women Love Harry Potter, a

During the middle ages what women could not do?

Women could not be ordained in the Church, and so could not be deacons, priests, or bishops. Women were not allowed to rule some countries as monarchs, including France, the

Why didnt people in the middle ages learn to read and write?

Don't let anyone fool you. In the middle ages, people learned to read and write. Not all did, but a lot did. The middle ages began in 476, 410, or some similar date depending

Could the people of Britain read and write during the Middle Ages?

1st Answer No. The nobility could read and write, but the peasant couldn't. This why stain glass windows were in churches to teach the bible, why verbal testimony was given in

Were there books and could anyone read in the middle ages?

There were books, but most were in the libraries of monasteries or convents during most of the Middle Ages. I have read that only 10% of the people could read, and they were a
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Could priests read in the middle ages?

Yes, priests and monks in the medieval period could read and write, although they were rather in the minority! The wrote and "illuminated" (illustrated) beautiful books called

What could womens not do in the middle ages?

Women could not become priests, they could not inherit all of their husband's wealth and possessions, they could not attend university or dress like a man. One of the charges