Could worms make your stomach growl?

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Worms could make ones stomach growl, it's very possible.
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Why does your stomach growl?

BECAUSE YOU'RE HUNGRY. Yes, but here's more on that. the almost empty stomach is allowing gas to accumulate, when this gas enters the intestine it can make a gurgling or

Why do stomachs growl?

It's actually not your stomach that is growling. It's the bottom ofyour esophagus, just before the top of your stomach.

You are pregnant and your stomach makes growling noises and even after you eat?

The rumbling noises can be from several things - the contractions of the stomach compressing then releasing gas in the ingesta, the passage of gas bubbles through the intestin

How do you make your stomach growl?

There are lots of ways to do so, I bet, but the 2 ways to make your stomach all growly and grumbly and rumbling-like i that follows: 1. eat lots of food 2. eat something b