Cycle change by two weeks?

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Is it normal to have a menstrual cycle that lasts for two weeks straight?

If it happens once, it's normal. If it happens 4 months in a row, see a doctor. You may need birth control to reset your hormone levels or a D and C to clean out the inner lin

If you have unprotected sex two weeks into your cycle what are the chances of being pregnant?

\nWhen a woman is trying to get pregnant, two weeks into her cycle is the best way to do it. This means that your chances of being pregnant are pretty strong, depending on how

What could be the cause of being three weeks late on a period if you have had two negative pregnancy tests and have no changes in lifestyle or stress and will it still come late or at next cycle?

being this late is NOT normal, make an appointment with your gynaecologist I have an appointment with my gynaecologist in mid-Dec- she is booked solid until then. I started
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Can you change your earring two weeks after piercing?

It is best to wait until the scar tissue Tube thickens enough so that it is not damaged by being Torn due to a poorly made piece of cheap jewelery, which often has a sharp bur