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There are three types of tendering methods used in construction industry!

1. Open Tendering

2. Selective Tendering

3. Negotiated Tendering.

Open tender is an arrangement where an advertisement in local newspapers or trade journals invites contractors to apply for tender documents.
A deposit is usually required to ensure that only serious offers are made;
Presumably it is needed to cover the cost of copying the documents. Local authorities have been advised against open tendering because it often leads to excessive tender lists where the cost of abortive tendering is considerable. There are instances of selection criteria being applied after the tender has been submitted, so a bid could be rejected if a contractor does not belong to an approved trade association.

Advantages of Open Tender
The main advantage of such tendering is as follow:
  • Give high level of competition and contractors tend to give best prices as compare to other tendering method
  • There is no list of restrictive tenderer, which does not allow favoritism
  • It is very transparent process which ensures that only the contractor with the best price and meeting all the technical requirements will win the tender.
  • This process is usually manage by procurement board where its staff are trained for such exercises and board ensure that all the procedures involved in tender are followed.

Disadvantages of Open Tender
The low price usually detriment of quality and often result in the client obtaining poor quality job and late completion of work.
Given that its open tender and thus there are no restrictions on the number of contractor who can bid and become bulky and lengthy job for tender analyses which often result in delays and high cost.

Selective tender: Selective tendering consists of drawing up a list of chosen firms and asking them to tender. It is by far the most common arrangement because it allows price to be the deciding criterion; all other selection factors will have been dealt with at the pre-qualification stage. There are three ways in which selective tendering lists are drawn up:

  • An advertisement may produce several interested contractors and suitable Firms are selected to tender.
  • The consultants may contact those they would wish to put on an ad-hoc list.
  • Many local authorities and national bodies keep approved lists of contractors in certain categories, such as work type and cost range. Contractors who ask to be included on select lists of tenderer are usually asked to provide information about their financial and technical performance, particularly about the type of work under consideration. The National Joint Consultative Committee for Building (NJCC) has written the 'Standard form of tendering questionnaire - private edition' so contractors can prepare answers to relevant questions in advance. The questions mainly deal with projects carried out during the previous three years. Once the form has been completed, it can be used for specific projects or for those compiling lists of selected contractors.

Ngotiated Tender :under this method normally one contractor is approached and such tender mainly used for specialist work such as lift system or airport project at big level, in such case there are limited number of contractor who do such work in the market .it is based on one-to-one discussion with contractors to negotiated the terms of contract
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What is 'Legal Tender'?

Legal Tender is a forced tender payment that should be not refused in settlement of a debt..

What is a battery tender?

A battery tender is a low-current battery charger that will maintain battery charge (without overcharging) while vehicle is in extended storage

What is a tender offer?

A tender offer is one made out of kindness. These offers aregenerally very loving gestures made out of pure generosity.

What is international tendering?

International tendering is a process in which the tender emits an International Invitation to Bid (ITB). ITB is an written act through which the tender express a need of a specific request (for instance international law consultancy service). The tender will explicit the scope of work, the object (MORE)

What is electronic tender?

Electronic tender is just another way of saying e-money. It is money that can be used online, either on a specific website, a group of websites, or everywhere.

How do you tender your resignation?

The best way to tender a resignation is in writing with adequatetime given. Write a letter explaining the reasoning for leaving theposition and deliver it directly to management at least two weeksprior to departure for non-professional positions and four to sixweeks prior to departure for profession (MORE)

What is a mason tender?

A mason tender is also known as a "hod carrier" or "laborer". He is an assistant to the mason. He does not actually lay brick or block. A mason tender stocks supplies, builds scaffolding, mixes mortar, performs saw cuts and does general clean up.

What is the tendering process?

Our eProcurement Offering ( includes the following; . Reverse Auction Application . Forward Auction Application . eTendering Application . eSourcing Application . Team Buying Application . RFQ, RFI, RFP Applications . Our Listing Services ( includes (MORE)

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Tender meat is easier to eat and has a more pleasing mouth feel.When meat is heated the internal fibers bunch and shrink and themeat becomes tough. Resting the meat after cooking allows thefibers to relax but it still may be tough. Tenderizing the meatbreaks the fibers down so that they are too shor (MORE)

What is selective tendering?

Selective tender mainly used by client in private sector to invite contractors to submit their bids for specific project.Client short list the contractor and ask them to bid for the specific project. Advantages. Tender analyses work is quick and job can start much faster compare to other tendering (MORE)

What is rebound tenderness?

A sign of appendicitis, or some other abdominal affliction. It's an exam a doctor does to gauge abdominal pain/discomfort.

What is tender document?

tender document is a document submitted by a contractor bidding for a construction project.some components of the document include,Bill of Quantity,Company's Profile,Working Drawing etc.

What is tender notice?

Tender notice is a notice showing for ones need of any type of material for a given period of time which he needs.

What is open tender?

Bidding process that is open to all qualified bidders and where the sealed bids are opened usually in public for scrutiny and are chosen on the basis of price and quality. Also called competitive tender or public tender.

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How do you invite tenders?

IFB or Invitation for Bid Give and advertisement in local newspaper for Tenders Notice or online invitation through classified sites or in online tenders portals

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What is tender brief answer?

A tender brief is where several prospective contractors provide and estimated cost and a description of how the product may be produced. The proposals are discussed by the commissioner and one of the tenders drawn.

What is business tender?

A buisness tnder is a document that sets out the terms, conditions and speciication relating to a proposed project or special order.

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What is a tender contract?

A tender for contract is the formal documentation that a buying organisation issues to potential suppliers inviting them to make an offer for the supply of goods and services.

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Sometimes, it depends on the cut, but usually if you cook it slower it will turn out more tender. Or you could buy meat tenderizer from the store which supposedly makes your meat tender. You could also hit it with a meat tenderizing hammer.

What is a sentence for tender?

Meaning one: 1. Verb, meaning to submit a document. "Will you tender your resignation?" 2. Noun, meaning a submitted document, often an offer of a contract. "We open the tenders at noon." 3. Noun, meaning a paper or coin you can submit as money. "A seven-dollar bill was never legal tender." Meani (MORE)

What is tender process?

Tender process is when suppliers are selected to ensure that youchoose the best available suppliers, at the best price.

Types of tender and processing tender?

There are three types of tendering methods used in construction industry! 1. Open Tendering 2. Selective Tendering 3. Negotiated Tendering. Open tender is an arrangement where an advertisement in local newspapers or trade journals invites contractors to apply for tender documents. A d (MORE)

When inward tenderness?

Be sweet to yourself when emotions are clogging up your mind.., They can lead you away from the truth..,

Is tender a homograph?

No, tender is not a homograph. There is no word that is spelled the same but has a different meaning as tender.

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Tenderizing and marinading are steps that are taken to improve the chewability and flavor of the cheaper cuts of meat. In order to to avoid the possibility of serving and eating meat that is tough, and hard to chew, it is tenderized. Meat is also sliced across the grain before it is served, making t (MORE)

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With a mallet. it seperates the grains to make it breakdown easier. Much better than powder meat tenderizers because of the salt.

What is floating of tenders?

With respect to insurance, it is an invitation made by the clientto the Insurance market to provide terms in accordance with thetender documents. The tender document will comprise of tenderconditions and Insurance Slips.

What is noun of tender?

The noun tender is a singular, common noun; a word for someone who looks after a person or a machine; one who tends. The word tender is also an adjective and a verb.

What is the meaning for tender?

Something that is sore to the touch. Showing affection to someone. Also means an official offer, usually of money in payment for a service. Also, a formal offer, such as--> "I will now tender my resignation from my job."

What is Tenders?

After working in an Indian Tender System for a long time, I foundthat most of entrepreneurs are not fully aware of this essentialsystem which is capable to raise their business to a peak. I foundthat most of them are uncomfortable with this system. But now aday's there are lots of TenderService pro (MORE)