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a delibrate series of action to achieve a specific target.
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What is the definition of family planning?

The practice of controlling the number of children one has and the  intervals between their births, particularly by means of  contraception or voluntary sterilization.

The definition of the anaconda plan?

Slowly starve the South by blockading the ports and denying the Confederates use of the Mississippi and other waterways. When they're in a sufficiently weakened state, march d

What is the definition of 'manpower planning'?

Manpower planning - best utilisation of power of man or worker called manpower planing. we can say that "How much mans are required for finish a particular job" is called manp

What are the Definitions on programming?

  Programming is a term that describes the usage of a programming language. Programming languages (C++ for example) are languages that create programs, these programming

What is the definition of Assortment planning?

    Assortment planning breaks the Merchandise Plan down into the components that   enable the planner to address customer preference and need. These components ar

What are the definitions of PLANNING?

Nouns-   1.) the act or process of making plans.   2.) a scheme or method of acting, doing, making, proceeding, etc.   3.) a design or scheme of arrangement.   4.)

What is definition of block plan in architecture?

"Drawing of buildings and layouts in simplified, undetailed form." AMES STEVENS CURL. "block-plan." A Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture This often is cre

What is the definition of planning mechanism?

Planning mechanisms are alternative ways to allocate resources when the market system fails.. The government makes sure that everyone is able to enjoy the public goods provid

What is the definition of Plan and Non Plan expenditure?

There are two components of expenditure - plan and non-plan. Of these, plan expenditures are estimated after discussions between each of the ministries concerned and the Plann

Menu planning definition?

Menu planning is the selection of a menu for an event. Such as picking out the dinner for your wedding or even a meal at a Birthday Party.

Definition of business plan?

The business plan serves a multiplicity of purposes for the entrepreneur who is planning to start a business. It will help you allocate resources and set realistic goals for y