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a delibrate series of action to achieve a specific target.
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What is the definition of The New Freedom Plan?

NEW FREEDOM. The reform philosophy of Woodrow Wilson, enunciated during the 1912 presidential race and embodied in the legislation of his first term. During the campaign, Wils

Definition of meal planning?

Meal planning is when you plan a meal you are about to make. That includes seeing if you have all the right ingredients and shopping and pondering.

What are the definitions of PLANNING?

Nouns-   1.) the act or process of making plans.   2.) a scheme or method of acting, doing, making, proceeding, etc.   3.) a design or scheme of arrangement.   4.)

What are the Definitions on programming?

  Programming is a term that describes the usage of a programming language. Programming languages (C++ for example) are languages that create programs, these programming

What is the definition of Plan and Non Plan expenditure?

There are two components of expenditure - plan and non-plan. Of these, plan expenditures are estimated after discussions between each of the ministries concerned and the Plann

What is definition of program?

n.A listing of the order of events and other pertinent information for a public presentation.The presentation itself: a program of piano pieces.A scheduled radio or television

What is plan definition?

A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something..