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a delibrate series of action to achieve a specific target.
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What are the Definitions on programming?

  Programming is a term that describes the usage of a programming language. Programming languages (C++ for example) are languages that create programs, these programming (MORE)

What is the definition of Assortment planning?

    Assortment planning breaks the Merchandise Plan down into the components that   enable the planner to address customer preference and need. These components ar (MORE)

Establishing a Planned Giving Program

Planned giving, or deferred giving, usually refers to gifts that individuals make towards the end of their lifetimes. There are many kinds of planned gifts, from simple will b (MORE)

Get to Know the Business Planning Definition

When you have finally decided to start your own small business, the first step is to build a business plan. It will help you create your business goals and plan the steps to a (MORE)

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming is used to make a computer operate. The codes tell the computer what to do and serve a specific purpose. Computer programmers must be well versed in diffe (MORE)

12 Animals That Are Definitely Planning Something

These adorably suspicious animals are up to something, but what are they up to?That's right, keep on smiling. When I steal your fish, you'll never see it coming.Those birds do (MORE)

Definition of meal planning?

Meal planning is when you plan a meal you are about to make. That includes seeing if you have all the right ingredients and shopping and pondering.

What are the definitions of PLANNING?

Nouns-   1.) the act or process of making plans.   2.) a scheme or method of acting, doing, making, proceeding, etc.   3.) a design or scheme of arrangement.   4.) (MORE)

What is the definition of standing plan?

An identified set of more generic activities to arrive at broad rather general goals or objectives, not having a specific budget and without a determined time period. Standing (MORE)