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Der Teufel wartet auf Cheney?

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The devil is waiting for Cheney.
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How tall is Dick Cheney?

  Answer   According to IMDB, Dick Cheney is 5' 8" I still wonder how accurate that is, he seems much taller on camera (then again, cameras lie).

IS Dick Cheney A crook?

of course he is, he bribed nigeria to get a contract to build liquified natural gas facilities in nigeria while he was ceo of haliburton..... he got caught but of course big r

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Ich bin auf der Schule Auf wiedersehen?

Ich bin auf der Schule. Auf wiedersehen. = I'm at school. Goodbye

What does auf der alm da ist es schön?

Auf der Alm da ist es schön translates as it's beautiful in the alpine pasture.

What does auf der alm mean?

"Alm" is a pasture high up in the Alps. Cattle are taken to the "Alm" to graze there in summer. Usually you have a cabin for the herdsman, called "Almhütte". The herdsman oft

What is Auf der Alm?

Auf der Alm means to be on a farm higher up in the Alps.

What does 'Im Wald und auf der Heide' mean in German?

It is best translated as "In the forest and on the heath". "Wald" is German for "forest" or "woods", and "Heide" is German for a heath.   A previous answer translated "Heid

Who is Dick Cheney?

  Answer   Richard (Dick) Bruce Cheney is the former vice president of the United States of America and former president of the Senate.

What is the net worth of Dick Cheney?

    I can only give you a partial answer. I have been looking into the issue of Cheney's wealth recently. I have read several accounts that claim he has upwards of $15