Describe the differences between law and ethics?

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Ethics or Law? Most of the time laws are written, approved, and then enforced by the level of government where they were written. For example, a State law is enforced by the state. A Federal law is enforced by the Feds.
In other words; State Laws and Government Laws go through a process to get approved, written into law, and then are enforced.
Ethics are like rules of conduct. For example, Doctors have unwritten ethical rules or practices that they adhere to just because it's the right thing to do. They have the responsibility to take care of you to the best of their ability. It's ethically correct for a Doctor to do his best to help you with your medical malady, but it's not a law that he has to.
If a Doctor is unable to help you with your problem he has an ethical responsibility to refer you to a specialist, but there is not a law saying that he has to do that.
Most occupations have ethics that come along with the job. They are not written done, they are unspoken rules of conduct that people adhere to.
For example an electrician has an ethical responsibility to repair your house wiring correctly so that it works correctly and is not a safety hazard for you.
I hope that helps you. Sincerely Ken P.
A key difference is in terms of the sanctions which apply if these are violated.If you break an ethical code you may face disapproval from your peers,disciplinary proceedings from a professional body etc.Break the law and you could face a police investigation,a court appearance,various penalties like a fine or imprisonment etc.It might mean the difference between losing your job or your liberty.
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